End of summer, back to routine


It’s official. The summer ends and with it the return to the dreaded routine. It’s time to get back in shape after the summer excesses, which translates into rescuing those sneakers that have been in the back of the closet for so many weeks.

The return to sport and nomadic life is always costly and even more so when we have to leave the beach and the beach bar behind to replace it with gymnasium and healthy diet.


Group of senior people doing aqua fitness from behind with swim noodles

Healthy living costs money, especially when we have had a long period of inactivity. The priority in these cases is to carry out a period of adaptation in order to gradually recover the rhythm.

In addition, after each day it is important to rest and sleep enough hours to recover energy and be 100%.

It’s funny, but it takes an average of 60 days for our brain to assimilate a routine. Although most of the time in just seven days some actions are automated, it takes a few more weeks to consider it a habit.

Be careful with injuries

When we resume physical exercise, we can’t do it crazy. One of the most important things to keep in mind is to have a good technique, body awareness and elastic capacity, depending on the exercise we are going to practice.

Rest between each exercise, hydration, controlling intensity or avoiding over-training are also some of the recommendations to take into account when talking about sport.

Also, don’t forget to warm up before starting and stretch once we’ve finished our training because, in this way, we avoid the annoying and common injuries.

Bialoe, as complement

bialoeTo complement a healthy routine, we encourage you to try Bialoe de Atlantia, our juice extracted from the filleted leaves of the aloe vera plant, with multiple benefits for the body.

With all the active ingredients present inside the leaf, Bialoe’s consumption helps to take care of our organism from the inside, in a natural way.

In addition, its natural aroma provides a much more pleasant taste and easier to drink (20ml in the morning mixed with a glass of juice or water).

Goodbye to flabbiness with cucumber and aloe vera


It’s a fact that all the years go by. Sooner or later these dreaded wrinkles and fine lines appear in our lives, the arrival of which we try to delay as much as possible.

The truth is that although we cannot stop the life cycle, there are methods that prevent its occurrence or, if it is too late, help to reduce its impact.

How does cucumber work on the skin?

cosmética-natural-624x386-minIt is well known that cucumber has beneficial properties for the organism. It is important to emphasize that this vegetable is 97% composed of water, which translates into an extra hydration for our body.

In addition, its photochemicals help to keep the collagen intact and prevent orange peel thanks to ingredients such as natural oils, minerals and vitamin E in its composition.

Forget the flabbiness

The cucumber is part of the set of foods that are usually used in beauty rituals thanks to its toning and regenerating properties.

Flabbiness, a consequence of factors such as age, weight loss or poor diet, can be controlled by regular physical exercise, but also by the consumption of cucumber, made up of antioxidants that stop free radicals that affect the skin.

Combine with aloe vera

LECHE-HIDRATANTETo complete a moisturizing routine, from Atlantia we recommend our Moisturizing Milk, which in addition to calming the skin, gives it extra protection, to avoid flabbiness, among other benefits.

Its formula does not alter the skin’s pH and leaves greasy residue on the skin. It also strengthens the skin’s natural systems and should be applied after taking a bath, massaging gently until completely absorbed.

With aloe seeing ecocultured, avocado and helianthus in its formula, hydrating milk is the best choice. In addition, this product has no parabens or perfumes, which makes it an excellent natural product.

Skin care after summer


Clean, exfoliate, moisturize and nourish. These are, in theory, the main guidelines for recovering the skin after the excesses of these last summer months.

At this time of year, our skin has been exposed to continuous stress due to external factors such as changes in temperature, humidity or excessive solar action, among others. For this reason, it is important to follow guidelines to recover healthy and hydrated skin and welcome the new season.

Cleans and exfoliates

EXFOLIARThe first steps to achieving radiant skin is to cleanse and exfoliate every area of ​​our body. With these two steps we will achieve a deep cleaning, improving the pore firmness, removing the dead cells and favoring the skin oxygenation.

For this step our Mousse facial cleanser is ideal for a smooth and complete cleaning of the face, since it does not contain perfumes or allergens.

People think that the exfoliation technique  can affect the tan we have achieved during the summer. The truth is that it increases and helps to recover the luminosity and the tone of the skin.

Moisturizes and nourishes

In Atlantia we have Moisturizing Milk, ideal for a hydrated, smooth and healthy skin. With a parabens-free formula, it also leaves no greasy residue on the skin and helps strengthen the natural defense system of the skin.

In the case that competes to us, aloe vera is an excellent regenerator of the tissues of the skin thanks to its properties.

It also has the ability to act on the fibroblast (skin cell) for its growth, activates the microcirculation and stimulates re-epithelialization (to heal tissues).

Feeding in summer also counts

HEALTHAs complement is also the feeding. The ideal way is to consume antioxidant foods rich in beta-carotenes such as spinach or carrots, among others. Fruits, dairy products or nuts are also good options as a supplement to a balanced diet.

On the other hand, it is essential to drink at least a liter and a half of water a day, with the aim of recovering the hydration lost during the summer months.

With these recommendations we will have the skin ready for the autumn and winter months although it is important to take care of it throughout the year.


This summer, cares and moisturizes your hands


It`s usually said that our hands are our presentation letter. While it´s true that we must look after them throughout the year, in summer this part of the body suffers more than normal due to continuous exposure to factors such as high temperatures, the sun, the sea and sand.

Tips for complete care

Smiling woman making high five with her hand

As a result of all these external agents, our hands and nails can be damaged to the point of becoming brittle and easy to break. In this sense, one of the most effective options is the use of aloe vera products.

Thanks to their regenerative properties they help to moisturize your hands and to strengthen and heal damaged nails, giving them a much healthier appearance.

On the other hand, it´s advisable not use nail polish or other chemicals that could further weaken your nails or may cause the known onychomycosis, an infection in the nail surface which affects the thickness and appearance of them.

Another recommendation is to filing nails regularly to prevent bacteria from accumulating and be able to cause greater evils.

Protect them with Atlantia!

Copy of Atlantia UK Aloe Vera HAND AND NAIL CREAM Moisturising and repairing WEB-iloveimg-croppedOne of the best options to keep your hands and nails in perfect condition is the reparative cream for dry and chapped hands of Atlantia. Especially designed to moisturize dry and damaged hands, protects even after contact with water.

Its Pure aloe vera formula cultivated in Canary Islands make it a natural product that doesn´t cause any allergic reaction and it´s suitable for all skin types.

It´s also enriched with minerals, amino acids, vitamins A, B, C and contains or perfumes or parabens. Its simple method of use is to apply the product in the hands and nails until completely absorbed.

Alimentation, also affects

To maintain strong and healthy nails also it`s much related to d the alimentation we carry. Thus, foods such as blue Fish, olive oil, nuts or dairy products are ideal to strengthen them, thanks to their nutrients.

Also, to add food supplements containing vitamins B and E will be ideal to complement treatment and have beautiful hands, whatever the time of year, with the best natural cosmetics in the Canary Islands.

The claim of cosmetics without parabens


Today, around a 70-90% of cosmetic products contain among their ingredients those known as parabens. Increasingly, questions arise about whether these organic substances are or are not beneficial for our body and especially when we talk about cosmetics, for our skin.

While it is true that they are substances that are approved by health authorities as OCU in 90% of the cases parabens have been artificially synthesized, which causes deterioration and their status as “organic”.

Why aren´t they “recommended”?

Beautiful Face of Young Woman with Clean Fresh Skin close up isolated on white. Beauty Portrait. Beautiful Spa Woman Smiling. Perfect Fresh Skin. Pure Beauty Model. Youth and Skin Care Concept

As we noted, handling of parabens result in an artificial product, although of very low, it does have a degree of toxicity.

The role of parabens isn´t more than aiding to maintain a product in good conditions once it has been opened. Their bactericidal and fungicidal properties help to increase the durability of the product and to avoid its deterioration caused by microorganisms, fungi or bacteria.

The most commonly used parabens respond to name Methylparaben and Ethylparaben or also Butylparaben and proylparaben, which are allowed so far, but always in moderation.

We can find these substances also in personal hygiene products as deodorants and depilatories, but even some foods as sweeteners, confectionery or pates, which have them integrated.

Paraben free, always on the label

There´re two types of parabens: organic (found in fruits and organic) which present no problem because they´re metabolized naturally and synthetic, chemicals and those that should be avoided.

In this regard, one must be cunning. Even if a product contains references as organic or natural product, it doesn´t determine that´s free from Parabens if it´s not printed on the product label.

We must be aware that all ingredients contained in a product will go through the tissues of the skin and this affects our health more than we imagined.

While it´s true that natural cosmetics have a somewhat higher price than conventional ones, the results are always beneficial in the long run and your skin will show grateful.

Committed to the cause

people, charity, family and ecology concept - close up of child and parent cupped hands holding soil with green sprout at home

In Atlantia we believe in natural cosmetics, as all of our products are free of parabens or perfumes.

Thus, they´re suitable for all ages and skin types and don´t cause any allergic reaction or other conditions.

Further, we don´t test on animals, we respect the natural environment and all our products comply with fair trade requirements.

Aloe vera and coconut, allies against wrinkles


That coconut also has, like aloe vera, properties favorable for the skin? Well yes, you are reading well and we tell you how to get the most out of them.

When we talk about skin care on these hot summer days we think of using light, soothing, refreshing and, above all, quick absorption products. The protagonists of our post today are the coconut and aloe vera that, apart from combining perfectly, have multipurpose properties and are suitable for all audiences.

Multiple benefits

Beauty - happy funny Asian woman face expression. Girl surprised and excited showing fun facial expression. Beautiful healthy girl with perfect skin screaming joyful in surprise. Asian Caucasian model

These two ingredients can be considered great allies against the dreaded wrinkles and lines of expression that, over the years, invade our skin.

The truth is that the wrinkles are only traces that leave the skin behind the movements we do with it (grimaces, frown, smile …), but cause loss of elasticity and collagen, resulting in a much more aged skin.

The high water content of both ingredients serves as antioxidant action, remineralizing and also helps to drag dead skin cells, allowing a renewed and youthful skin.

Aloe and coconut combination

There are many remedies to reduce them, and in fact, it is proven that plants such as aloe vera is one of the most beneficial and complete within natural cosmetics and is ideal as a medicinal remedy or to decrease wrinkles and lines of expression naturally.

For its part, the consumption of coconut, whether raw or in oil, has the ability to slow down the aging process or fight against fungi that may appear on our skin, among other uses.

The skin has memory

94This is a saying that has been saying years .. and even centuries!

We refer to it when we take the skin to its limit, shorten its healthy life for example when we have a sun exposure greater than we should, resulting in sunburn or wrinkles and spots prematurely

 This is the reason why we must take care of the skin from an early age, preventing it from aging before due to products like Superdefense, triple action moisturizing cream that, formulated with shea butter, aloe vera and Vitamin E, helps strengthen the skin’s natural defense systems and acts as an antioxidant, among other benefits.

Aloe vera, remedy against stings


Although it is a little known remedy, the use of aloe vera when we have a sting is the fastest and most effective way to combat this condition.

The truth is that with the beginning of summer the hot days arrive and, hopelessly, the appearance of annoying insects that, attracted by the flowering, come to make us life impossible with their annoying bites.

How to treat it?

Close up Aloe Vera leaves on wooden background

In these cases, whether a mosquito sting, bee, wasp or other insect, aloe vera will always be your best ally thanks to its antiseptic action.

In addition, it does not matter the area where the bite occurred, the type of skin or the age of the affected, since it can be used in all its versions and for the whole world.

At this point it is important to emphasize that aloe vera should be placed immediately after the sting with the aim of achieving its complete effectiveness. Likewise, It can be used for other types of stings like jellyfish, also features in these hot months.

Remedy for almost everything

FotoJetIn Atlantia we have the pure gel of aloe vera, ideal product for this type of affections since it will reduce the swelling, the sting and the infection, if it could have been produced.

It also calms and refreshes the affected area, causing immediate relief.

Thanks to its ecological cultivation, all the active principles present in the interior of the leaf are preserved, resulting in a gel that mimics and moisturizes the skin in depth.

In addition, we have created a 75ml format so you can take it wherever you want, with more comfort.

Other uses of aloe vera

It is well known that aloe vera, other than for this type of affections, is ideal for combating many other manifestations of the skin such as regenerating tissues when there is a sunburn, clean the skin in depth or help prevent acne.

In addition, other than for the skin, it has been recommended to use aloe vera for other health problems such as constipation, colon, cellulite or dandruff, among many others.

Do you know the benefits of natural cosmetics?


The tendency towards natural cosmetics is increasingly visible among the population, because we have realized that in the market of care and beauty there are many products whose ingredients are detrimental to our health and, above all, for our skin.

The use of natural products such as pure aloe vera have multiple benefits and guarantee the introduction in our organism of elements similar to our cellular composition, thus avoiding the aggressive shock of conventional cosmetics, damaging by their chemical components.

Naturally ecological

aloe vera fresh leaf. isolated over white

In Atlantia we have always opted for the purity and quality of natural cosmetics that, while caring for the skin, respect the environment, carrying out a conscious ecological ethics and sustainable agriculture.

One of the many advantages of natural products is that they do not cause any kind of allergic reaction and keep the skin healthy, hydrated and revitalized.

Thus, natural cosmetics can be used by anyone, regardless of age, skin type or results sought.

The importance of INCI

Beauty Spa Woman Portrait. Beautiful Girl Touching her Face. Perfect Fresh Skin. Pure Beauty Model Girl. Youth and Skin Care Concept. Pampering Skin. Health Care concept. Isolated on white background

One of the most important parts when it comes to acquiring a natural product is to read the labels. The well-known INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) is a naming system used for all types of cosmetic products based on scientific names and other languages, such as Latin or English.

In theory, all manufacturers must reflect this list of ingredients in each of their products, facilitating a sort of guide ordering from higher to lesser proportion their content.

Another important point is the number CI (Color Index), in relation to the cosmetic dyes and which should also be used in the labelling of ingredients, followed by the corresponding number.

Have natural cosmetics the same effectiveness?

Of course. Natural products get the same result as conventional ones, but with a big advantage: they are healthier. Although its effectiveness is in the long term, its result is 100% guaranteed.

From Atlantia we are committed to the environment, ecology and responsible consumption and therefore all our products are natural cosmetics made in a natural way with the best aloe vera cultivated in the Canary Islands as the main component.

Goodbye to stretch marks with avocado and aloe vera


Who has not ever said that “what are these marks and why are they in my body? The truth is that the well-known stretch marks, which are nothing more than breakages of elastic skin fibers at the cellular level and cicatrizal appearance that cause loss of collagen and elasticity in the skin, are more common than we think.

Considered as an aesthetic problem, it is present in men and women, in any part of the body and as a consequence of factors such as hormonal changes, rapid muscle development or inheritance.

Combine avocado and aloe vera

portrait of a young woman applying natural avocado mask on her face

The combination of these two elements is a very good alternative to eliminate annoying and unsightly stretch marks. Both skin regenerators and highly moisturizers are able to protect the skin against external agents.

In addition, both are antioxidants and stimulate the production of collagen, one of the major substances that are lost over time and years.

The truth is that there are many cosmetic products designed for the reduction and even total disappearance of stretch marks, but the use of natural cosmetics means, in the long run, a greater benefit and results for our skin.

At this point, aloe vera stimulates not only collagen but also elastin, preventing its early appearance. It also improves the appearance and tone of the skin, giving a feeling of healthy and hydrated skin.

How to complete the treatment?

leche corporal

From Atlantia we recommend one of our star products for this type of treatments, ideal for moisturizing, softening and relaxing the skin of the body.

Body moisturizing milk, which does not alter the pH of the skin and strengthens the natural defense system of the skin. With a light massage on the affected areas until the complete absorption of the product, will gradually recover the lost elasticity.

In addition, in its composition contains these two star ingredients, avocado oil, with fatty acids beneficial to the body and aloe vera, grown under the sun of the Canary Islands.

Regardless of cosmetic care, there are a number of recommendations to complete the treatment against stretch marks. Drinking water daily, carrying a high protein diet or maintaining an exercise routine are a few to keep in mind.


Take care your feet for summer with aloe vera


Although our feet are a part of our body that we must be looked after in any season of the year, now that summer and high temperatures are coming, we have to give them more attention since they tend to be one of the most forgotten areas in terms of care.

In addition, feet are the part of the body that works the most, since they support our weight and allows us to move while they absorb and amortize any impact that the body receives from the ground.

In Atlantia, we help you prepare your feet with aloe vera for this time of the year, giving you some recommendations to keep them healthy and hydrated.


crema-pies-reparadoraThe heat makes you expose your feet to surfaces with extreme humidity such as beaches and pools, facilitating the appearance of fungi and bacteria.

Also, external factors such as high temperatures, air contact or barefoot walking are common in the summer, and they can cause cracks and calluses on our heels.

In Atlantia, we offer you our Crema Reparadora para Pies which, thanks to its pure Aloe Vera juice safeguards and pampers your feet from the inside.

Its simple way of use is to apply the cream twice a day with completely clean and dry feet, performing a light massage until the complete absorption of the product.


Our nails must have the same, if not more, care that our feet. Aside from keeping them healthy, we must moisturize them to avoid possible infections, keeping good hygiene, short fingernails, and wearing comfortable shoes. In this way, we avoid common problems in this area of the body such as “athlete’s foot.”

Mother Father and Baby Feet under Blanket isolated on white background

For this reason, our foot repair cream can be used as a preventive treatment to such conditions, applying it several times a day and with a light massage.

Thanks to the aloe vera in its composition, this cream manages to heal quickly the affected areas as it keeps them hydrated.

Choose the best aloe from the Canary Islands, and find our products for the comprehensive care of your body in our online store.