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Aloe vera in your holiday suitcase

DSC_0170After spending the year waiting, it’s time for holiday. Whether you’re going for a few days or you’re one of the lucky ones and you’ve been able to get a month, in addition to the swimsuit and sunscreen don’t forget to put in your suitcase a pure Aloe Vera gel.
Although we are on vacation, we must continue taking care of ourselves and, although it is a very useful product for beauty and health all year round, at Atlantia we know that Aloe Vera has a leading role during summer. Here we tell you why.

Aloe vera for summer

– It has high moisturizing power, and the good thing is that it comes in gel, this allows it to be a fresh and appealing product to use when temperatures are high.

SUPERDEFENSE– Going to beaches and swimming pools requires to be always well shaved. Aloe Vera has a great calming, antiseptic and regenerating power, helping the skin to return to its natural state. In addition to applying our gel pure, you can use our Superdefense cream.

In addition to our Aloe Vera, in its formulation includes shea butter and vitamin E, which makes it a product with great nutrient and skin-repairing power.

AFTERSUN– The skin is not used to the overdose of solar radiation that we receive during summer. Therefore, burns, redness and irritation are common. The use of After sun is essential.

Our Atlantia product, by including Aloe Vera 100% pure, has a soothing action that helps regenerate the skin, and also has a refreshing effect, compared to other formulas that simply hydrate.


CREMA-PIES– In summer we leave our feet free. We go barefoot, with sandals or beach flip flops. The skin care of this area is indispensable. The formula for feet of Atlantia is a two in one, which has exfoliating and also moisturizing elements.

So you know, if you’re making lists before you go on a trip, include Aloe Vera in it. If you go through lists, don’t forget to include it in the vacation kit. Rest and enjoy your holidays.


Aloe protects from antibiotics´ secondary effects

After the accidental discovery of penicillin by Fleming, antibiotics have saved many lives. Its administration is essential to stop certain diseases caused by bacteria. It is the case of serious illnesses such as pneumonia and to halt the risk of infections that may occur in some people (for example, those who are going to have surgery).

The problem is that the antibiotic does not distinguish between bad and good bacteria. That is why, once in the organism, the bacteria of the digestive system that we know as intestinal flora are carried ahead. This microbiota is important for us because, in addition to helping in the process of digestion, they are also necessary to produce group B vitamins (folic acid, niacin, riboflavin, thiamin, among others).

During the treatment with antibiotic the intestinal flora is damaged, and this continues for a long time after stopping taking them. That is why there may be side effects such as constipation, diarrhea, bloating or gas after taking this medication.

Pure aloe vera juice

EVENTO ATLANTIA_Catering_064The pure Aloe Vera juice is a natural remedy to protect the bacterial flora during the treatment with antibiotics, thanks to its protective effect of the gastric mucosa. Its intake also reduces stomach acidity, promotes proper digestion, strengthens the immune system and self-defense mechanisms.

The BIALOE juice from Atlantia is formulated with 100% pure Aloe Vera (no water), extracted from the leaves of the organic cultivation plant (three whole leaves are used per bottle).

It has a sweet pineapple flavor and only contains natural ingredients, no preservatives or parabens. It is enough to take 20 ml. before breakfast, with a glass of water or juice.

aloe vera cabello

From mane to super mane…with aloe vera

We all know the aloe vera benefits for the skin. If you ask anyone, even if it’s not a beauty addict, they will surely know that it’s ultra moisturizing and also it’s a must-have after sun or hair removal. But did you know that it’s also a perfect ingredient to clean and repair damaged hair? Take note of all its hair benefits.

In the aloe vera plant we find vitamins A, B and C, essential to keep the body healthy, as well as minerals such as iron or magnesium. These elements give it moisturizing, regenerative, nourishing and healing properties.

Aloe vera on the mane

CN165484_11020-Hydrates the hair and scalp. Being super moisturizing, it allows your hair to recover the brightness and softness.

-It eliminates dandruff and greasy hair. Its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties put an end to the fungus that generates dandruff and combat excess sebum on the scalp.

-Protects against ageing, thanks to its nourishing action. Your hair will notice it if you can’t leave the hair dryer or straightener, thanks to its vitamins and minerals that have a nourishing effect.

-Its tissues regenerating action helps hair growth. It also contains an enzyme that helps prevent hair loss.

Atlantia offers you its shampoo enriched with aloe vera, a product suitable for daily hair washing.

Its base, very soft and rich in natural surfactants, allows your mane to keep its shine and balance. It also respects the skin and scalp pH. It can be used on all types of hair and can be used throughout the year … if you want to have a Super Mane.


Aloe vera improves quality of life for cancer patients

Scientific studies from leading hospitals endorse Atlantia’s products to improve the recovery of people in radio and chemotherapy treatment. The results of these investigations were recently presented in Madrid, in a journalists event.

EVENTO ATLANTIA_Espacio_009A recent study has demonstrated the effectiveness of the administration of Bialoe, Atlantia’s Aloe vera juice, against inflammation of the esophagus (acute esophagitis), one of the main side effects caused by radiotherapy or radiochemotherapy in patients with lung, head and neck cancer. It also reduces mouth and throat inflammation (mucositis), another consequence of these aggressive treatments. Leading institutions have participated in the research, such as hospitals Clinic in Barcelona and 12 de Octubre in Madrid.

For the study, Bialoe was administered to a group of patients and a placebo was administered to another group. They had to take 20 ml. on an empty stomach for ten weeks, before, during and after radiotherapy. “We wanted to see if the product reduced the intensity of mucositis, pain in general, pain when eating and how it affected the quality of life of patients”, explains Dr. Rafael D’Ambrosi, radiation oncologist at the 12 de Octubre Hospital in Madrid.

The results showed that, although mucositis was similar in both groups, the pain was less in the patients who took Bialoe. “They ate better and therefore also lost less weight (2.5 kilos compared to 7.5 kilos lost by patients in the placebo group)”.

EVENTO ATLANTIA_Ambiente_034In general the quality of life was better and they recovered much faster. “Aloe vera has an active component that stimulates cell regeneration and makes the affected mucosa in the mouth, throat and esophagus recover sooner”, the specialist explains.

Another clinical test developed with Bialoe at the Clínica La Milagrosa in Madrid also confirmed these results.

Help with cancer treatments

EVENTO ATLANTIA_Espacio_003For its part, Regestimul, an Atlantia product formulated with Aloe vera in combination with rosehip oil, has also proven to be an excellent formula for scar care in patients undergoing breast cancer surgery.

A clinical trial carried out at the Durán i Reynals Hospital, L’Hospital de Llobregat ICO (Institut Catala d’Oncologia) and clinical tests carried out at the HM Sanchinarro Hospital prove its usefulness.

Dr. Mercedes Herrero, a gynaecologist in Gine4 at the HM Sanchinarro Hospital, who uses this product in her clinical practice with breast cancer patients, denies the idea that the scar of this type of intervention remains the same forever. “Skin cells, including scar cells, are always being renewed. That is why it is very convenient to use a product such as Regestimul, which regenerates the skin and favors the collagen production. Taking care of the scars always allows them to become less and less noticeable”, says the expert.

CN177143_9317Finally, a clinical test carried out at the Clínica Teknon in Barcelona proved the usefulness of the Superdefense cream and Atlantia’s pure Aloe vera gel in breast cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy treatment.

In 80-90% of these patients there are reactions of moderate toxicity to radiotherapy (reddening of the skin, hyperpigmentation). “The test showed how the hydration and elasticity of the skin improved, while erythema and hyperpigmentation remained stable or below normal values”, says Dr. Ignacio Toscas, radiation oncologist at the Teknon Clinic in Barcelona.

In cases where reconstruction is needed after a mastectomy, it is necessary to wait six months after radiotherapy, “and these products manage to keep the area hydrated making an improvement and allow them to be in better condition for reconstruction” he concludes.


Aloe vera, the influencer´s secret for spectacular hair

Beauty influencers have become great prescribers and their legion of followers every day watch their videos and faithfully follow their advice and recommendations. One of these great idols is the blogger and influencer Farah Dhukai who, with more than 6.5 million followers, had a great impact in the social media years ago. 

The influencer not only proved the benefits of Aloe Vera on the skin, but also on your hair (the video is still one of the most watched, and has more than 5 million views). At the time, Dhukai stated that this plant is “one of my great personal secrets for hair care” 

Aloe vera video Influencer Farah Dhukai

Aloe vera for hair

Aloe vera has a pH level similar to that of hair, high water content and is full of vitamins, essential amino acids, and minerals that help to have healthy and strong hair. Aloe gel soothes the scalp and, also, has also detangling action, since this plant contains proteolytic enzymes that help repair dead skin cells on the scalp, leaving it soft and shiny. Among other benefits it also helds reduce scalp sebum, keep it moist thanks to its vitamins and minerals, eliminate dandruff due to its fungicidal effects, and prevent hair loss.

Having these extraordinary qualities, it is therefore not surprising that this plant has also become a key ingredient in hare care products.

Atlantia’s shampoo, enriched with aloe vera, is an ideal choice for year-round hair care for daily use. Its washing base, very soft and rich in natural surfactants, keeps the natural shine and balance of your hair and keeps hair and scalp at proper pH level.

jugo de aloe vera

Aloe vera, an effective aid against fat

After excesses (at Christmas time, summer holidays, family gathering, etc.) one of our main concerns is to lose those extra pounds, that we really enjoy gaining!

Nutritionists and dietitians always advise taking a healthy, varied and balanced diet throughout the year so that, by the time we have to fight against the scale, it is easier for us to return to our weight. But, there are other tricks that can help us in this task, such as drinking aloe vera juice.

Aloe vera benefits

As highlighted by the Hola! magazine pharmaceutical and expert in health and beauty, Meritxell Martí, this drink has “”an extraordinary detoxifying capacity and multiple benefits for intestinal transit,” which makes it an ally to “clean” our body.

jugo aloe veraAlso, aloe vera juice contains a wide variety of amino acids, vitamins and high amounts of polysaccharides, including acemannan, complementary to our diet, as well as balancing cholesterol levels in our body.

Bialoe by Atlantia is made with organic Aloe vera from the Canary Islands and, thanks to its meticulous production process, it guarantees an optimal conservation of the active ingredients present in the plant. You can also add the indicated dose with another drink like water or juice, so that it tastes better…and start making your organism happy!   


Celebrities worship aloe, and you?

The magnificent properties of Aloe Vera for your body, inside and outside, are very well known: moisturizing, regenerating, nourishing, healing, bactericidal, soothing… It is very rare to see a home (worldwide), which does not have a product based on this plant or that has it in its composition.

Slice Aloe Vera (Aloe barbadensis Mill.Star cactus Aloe Aloin Jafferabad or Barbados) a very useful herbal medicine for skin care and hair care.

Like the rest of the mortals, celebrities are no strangers to the wonderful benefits of Aloe and use it in its different formats: gel, cream, juice, etc., to improve their physical appearance and even their health. Olivia Palermo, one of the most popular it girl in the world, not only stands out for wearing impeccable outfits in all her appearances; her hair, always perfect, bright and full of life, has a lot to thank the homemade masks that she makes of avocado oil and Aloe Vera.

To keep her face fresh and healthy, singer Nicki Minaj never forgets to take her daily dose of Aloe Vera juice: “It’s not particularly pleasant, but it works!”, she assures. Her colleague, Alicia Keys , incorporates this plant to her diet “because it makes me feel really good”.

But if we have to refer to someone in particular because of her great love for Aloe, that is the actress Drew Barrymore, one of the most recent to express her admiration for the almost miraculous effects of this plant. She did it through her Instagram, where she published several photos to show how Aloe managed to eliminate a bite on her face, just by applying the gel regularly.

As you can see, we’re not the only ones that say it, so do people who need to take great care of their image and who rely on Aloe Vera to achieve a healthy appearance, both inside and outside. Join the Aloe effect.


Christmas smells like aloe vera

Every year is the same. As the holidays approach us, we are flooded with doubts about what to give our family, friends, partner… And, for once, we leave everything to do for the last minute, which leads us to endure endless queues, overcrowded businesses, higher prices than usual

From Atlantia, we believe that there is another way to experience Christmas and make gifts in a very comfortable way with the security of choosing the right one.

For women

Eye contour:

EYE PERFECTIts enriched formula, based on Aloe Vera from organic farming and Eyeliss® (active patented that reinforces capillaries and drains excess water),

Helps to prevent and reduce eye bags, improving the firmness, elasticity, and hydration of the skin.

This products attenuates wrinkles and expression lines. Also, there are clinical studies show that by applying it twice a day, it reduces bags by 65% 

Price: 19,90.

Regenerage Cream:

REGENERAGENight cream with a moisturizing and anti-aging effect that helps improve wrinkles and expression lines.

Especially indicated for dry and very dry skin.

Shea butter hydrates softens and protects cell tissues due to its high content of Vitamin F. 

It also has alpha hydroxy acids and avocado oil

Price: 19,80

Por men

pack-linea-hombre-cuidado-del-hombreMale pack:

Products specially designed to respond effectively to the male skin specific needs. In addition, daily shaving is constant stress that damages the most superficial layer of the epidermis.

The use of products with pure Aloe Vera helps to fight thanks to the contribution of minerals, amino acids and vitamins (A, B, C) of moisturizing and regenerating action of the tissues.

The aloe vera line includes Ultra-comfort Aftershave Price: (10,30€), Active Energy Anti-Aging treatment Price: (13,30€), Active Energy Eye Contour Price: (10,50€).

For travellers

set-viaje-pack-aseo-y-cuidado-de-la-pielTravel SET: with formats allowed as carry-on luggage, it includes carefully crafted products to maintain all the properties of Aloe Vera:

– 1 Aloe Hydrating Gel 60ml

– 1 Milk body moisturizing 60ml

– 1 Normal hair shampoo 60ml

– 1 Hydrating bath gel 60ml

Price: 15,90€

Aloe vera Gift Card

Send by email a personalized gift card of the amount you prefer and … give health!

TARJETA-50Select the amount you’d like to give as a gift and personalize your greeting message.

Choose the option to print it at home or send it directly by email.

Add it to your shopping cart.

Price: €50 or €75


A very common disease, a very effective painkiller

The singer Dani Martín revolutionized the social networks a few days ago with the appearance of a selfie in which he shared with all his followers that he suffers rosacea.

It is a chronic and inflammatory skin disease, which causes temporary redness mainly in the area of the forehead, nose and cheeks, and can sometimes be accompanied by acne. It has been hard for me to accept that from time to time my skin takes out these outbreaks, but this is also me,” explained the singer.

Image: Singer Dani Martínrosácea

And the thing is that this problem not only affects the appearance of the skin, but also generates insecurity and complexes in those who suffer from it. In Spain, more than 4 million people have been diagnosed with rosacea for a variety of reasons: diet, climate, lifestyle, hygiene habits…

Not to smoke, to avoid the ingestion of spicy food or to protect the skin of the cold with very moisturizing cosmetics in winter are only some of the advices given by dermatologists to stop its arising.

Source: Instagram  

Frequently, when talking about the best natural skin care, Aloe Vera emerges as one of the most effective and popular remedies. Its multiple properties (moisturizing, regenerating, detoxifying, healing, etc.) make it an authentic oasis for our dermis, also for cases of rosacea.

Aloe has a moisturizing and penetrating capacity far superior to that of water, which multiplies its effectiveness. In addition, it eliminates bacteria and fat deposits that block the pores. Because of the fact that it is a powerful cellular regenerator, healer and toner, it stimulates the reproduction of new cells. 

gel-puro-aloe-veraHowever, in order to enjoy all these benefits, it is essential that we ensure that Aloe is 100% pure, like Atlantia Gel.

Try applying Aloe every time there is an outbreak or even once a day or once every few days for maintenance. It is best to wash well the area where it is going to be applied and avoid contact with other areas so that bacteria do not spread.

In any case, we must not forget that rosacea is a disease that can be controlled, but it’s not curable, and not in all cases the skin responds in the same way to a treatment or cosmetic, so you should always visit a dermatologist beforehand.


The best natural barrier against cold

Winter is synonymous of llazy afternoons watching a movie on the sofa, drinking hot chocolate by the chimney, playing with snowballs and having roasted chestnuts. But also of dryness, irritation and dull skin, since the cold disturbs the hydrolipidic film of our skin and the sebaceous glands work slower.

These symptoms are worse in the case of dry or sensitive skin. In addition, the abuse of heating and sudden temperature changes do not help either.

Protect your skin from the cold

And as the cold winter has not come yet,, it’s the perfect time to fine-tune our skin so that we can enjoy all the good things that the cooler season of the year brings us. To do so, you can follow these tips from Juan Chico, pharmacist and founder of Atlantia:

1. Cleanse your face twice a day.  A facial cleansing both in the morning, to remove excess oil accumulated while sleeping, at night time, to reduce the impurities from our skin.

cuidado-de-la-piel-cuerpo2. Moisturize your body.  Hydration is always necessary all the year. However, cold and sudden temperature changes aggravate skin dryness.

Look for creams best suit your skin needs and complement the care with some type of serum or treatment. Pure Aloe gel is a fundamental active ingredient to improve hydration levels.

3. Smoothes premature wrinkles.  Increasing the consumption of vitamin C and antioxidants significantly favours these wrinkles. Atlantia also has key products to help you fight premature wrinkles on your face: REGENERATE, regenerating cream with AHA for women and ACTIVE ENERGY, active anti-aging treatment for men.

cuidado-de-la-piel4. Protect your hands.  The skin of the hands is one of the most affected during this time of year, due to its direct contact with low temperatures, the wind, the cold…

Do not allow your hands to crack from the cold and use daily our Aloe cream for dry and cracked hands.

5. Avoid sudden changes in temperature.  Another of the fundamental factors to obtain a soft and hydrated skin during winter is to avoid, as much as possible, the abrupt changes of exterior and interior temperature. It is also advisable not to abuse of heating at home.

Winter, together with other factors such as stress or pollution, accelerates cell death and the skin needs an extra supply of antioxidants at this time of year. Atlantia offers a very effective and natural solution: HYDRADETOX SPF15.  A day cream with energizing active ingredients and extra nutrition to revitalize, soothe and moisturize the skin.

Its anti-pollution formula based on natural ingredients and 100% free of toxins also helps to reduce and prevent blemishes, as well as regulate sebum production.  A day cream that helps detoxify the skin from the harmful effects of environmental pollution, while protecting against UVB and UVA radiation.