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Contour, the forgotten in facial care

Why should we take care of him?

The contour is considered the most fragile area of the face, as it is at least 10 times thinner than the rest. It is constantly exposed to external agents such as sun, cold or wind and is one of the first areas that ages before, which is more than enough reason to give it special care.

Its fine collagen and elastin fibers cause loss of elasticity over time, resulting in dreaded wrinkles, fine lines and premature fatigue.

Although there is no specific age to start taking care of your skin, experts agree that starting at age 25 is a good moment to do so, because is the moment when the skin star to change.

Perfect contour with aloe vera

Pure Aloe vera  is the perfect ally for the eye contour, since it moisturizes the area while acting as an anti-aging, antioxidant and decongestive agent. It also reduces fatigue and signs of aging, giving the skin radiance and elasticity.


It should be borne in mind that sometimes the effectiveness of a product will depend on how we apply them.

It is necessary to know that the product should be applied in the contour with the ring finger (it has the least force) and give brief touches in the fixed eyelids, until its complete absorption.

For men and women


In Atlantia we have created Eye Perfect, a product for the care of the eye contour. This cream, formulated with aloe vera and Eyeliss, an active ingredient rich in peptides that strengthen capillaries and prevent bags in the eyes.

It also provides minerals, amino acids, vitamins A, B, C and a powerful moisturizing and regenerating action of the tissues.

A small amount twice a day (morning and evening) reduces eye bags by up to 65% for both men and women. Choose the best option, choose Atlantia.


Vitamin C in skin care

It has always been said that vitamin C is one of the most complete nutrients due to its multifunctionality and the numerous benefits that it brings to the body and, above all, to the skin. Thanks to it the formation of collagen, wound healing or protection against the sun rays is much easier to our bodies, in addition to acting as a natural antioxidant.

As it could not be otherwise, cosmetic brands have gradually incorporated into their formulas the already considered gold ingredient, helping to create the definitive product.


It is important to note that to see an optimal result and to be able to acquire all its properties, Vitamin C should be consumed in food, but especially should be used in cosmetics for the skin.

cosmetic cream lotion with natural green fresh aloe vera

Vitamin C contained in food (especially in fruits and vegetables), Has a very short life, since the body absorbs what it needs at the moment and discards the rest, Without being distributed to all of the organs of the body.

Therefore, we must combine their nutritional use with that of cosmetics, since in this latter case; it guarantees its effectiveness by integrating the product directly on the skin.


In Atlantia we advocate for the natural and the benefit that it has on our organism. That is why the vast majority of our products, in addition to pure aloe vera, contain Vitamin C as part of their components, as they help block the damage caused by free radicals and helps to improve the quality of the skin.

VITAMINA-CIf we talk about their benefits separately, aloe vera works as a moisturizing, regenerating and anti bacterial formula. For its part, Vitamin C prevents the premature aging and the damage to the DNA of cells, among other functions.

Thus, the combination of both natural assets results in the formula ideal for maintaining a beautiful and luminous skin.

Products like our Pure Gel, Regenerage, Superdefense, Eye Perfect and many more, are some of those that integrate pure aloe vera and Vitamin C, guaranteeing their effectiveness.

Bet on the natural cosmetics of Atlantia and get all these products and many more in our online store.


Skin Care Tips at Christmas

cuidado-pielA considerable increase of large meals, fun toasts, controversy in following the trends, and alleviate the seasonal cold…

We all know that Christmas is a time where healthy and balanced diet disappears, alcohol consumption is accentuated, and low temperatures come from the winter. A set of factors that directly affect our skin’s condition.

That’s why in Atlantia, and with the help of our products made with pure Aloe Vera from the Canary Islands, we provide you with some tips to take care of your skin during Christmas despite everything we have said before.

Cleanse Your Skin Daily

During Christmas, we include more fat in our diet. Therefore, cleaning our skin is essential to eliminate the impurities that are generated during these days. Wash your face twice a day and remove your makeup properly. Our FACIAL CLEANSING MOUSSE, enriched with Aloe Vera, ensures a smooth and efficient cleansing. Also, it does not contain soap or dry the epidermis.

Use Sunscreen

During the winter, our skin receives constant UV rays. Many people make the mistake of thinking that we must protect ourselves from the sun only in the summer. Avoid premature aging using a daily protective cream. Our famous HYDRAPLUS FP 15 protects your skin from sun damage with a single UVA/UVB screen.

Moisturise Your Face

Changes in temperature, stuffy environments, alcohol consumption cause significant dehydration in our skin. Drinking lots of water will be vital to regain a smooth and healthy complexion, as well as daily use of a facial moisturizer.

Get a Peeling

Peelings performed by dermatologists are totally useful during this season; the sun won’t cause any damage while our skin regenerates. After getting a peeling, you will be able to clean up your face of impurities for the coming year, beyond what you can do at home.

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Also at Atlantia, we have one of our most useful products: REGENERAGE, a regenerating cream with AHA. It is a cream that fights multiple external agents (pollution, stress, sun…) that accelerate the skin aging. REGENERAGE helps improve wrinkles and expression marks.

First sun exposures

First Exposures to the Sun and plenty of Aloe Vera

protección-solarIt seems that sandals have started to become the main features in shopwindows; we’re changing the eternal umbrella for flirty sunglasses and light clothing begins to resurface from the bottom of the wardrobe. Spring has arrived and with it comes, the first exposures to the sun.

A first bathe in the sun that can become a double-edged sword to our skin if we don’t take basic and necessary precautionary measures. Especially because the skin, after being unexposed to ultraviolet radiation for some time, it’s more vulnerable to suffering burns.

The desired golden tone can be achieved, but in moderation. For the first exposures to the sun this spring, we recommend using a filter with an index of high or very high protection. Gradually exposing and avoiding the most damaging hours are some of the basic recommendations to avoid sunburns.

Daily Sunscreen

Hydraplus-quemadurasWithin our range of products made with pure Aloe vera, HYDRAPLUS FP 15 features protection against solar radiation. This moisturiser defends the skin from damage produced by the sun’s rays with a unique UVA/UVB sunscreen. At Atlantia, we recommend applying it twice a day, both on the face and neck.

Against Sunburns

In the unfortunate event that, despite following recommendations, sunburns appear, we must stop exposing ourselves to the sun. Also, depending on the type of burn, at Atlantia we have natural products that can relieve them:

AFTERSUN, after-sun soothing milk. Our aftersun is composed of a light and refreshing formula with Canarian Aloe vera. Great soothing and moisturising effect that helps relieve burning and redness of the skin caused by the sun.

gel-puro-quemadurasPURE ALOE VERA GEL eco grown and with no added water. Among its many virtues, the sunburn soothing one stands out. It should be applied to the skin to be treated as many times as necessary, with a gentle massage until completely absorbed.

REGESTIMULregestimul-quemaduras: Cell regeneration with Aloe vera and Rosehip. Cream that nourishes, moisturises and significantly improves all kinds of scars and burns. With 100% pure Rosehip oil (Rosa rubiginosa), high regenerative capacity, along with Aloe vera juice, REGESTIMUL helps improve skin tone and texture.

This spring start tanning yourself, but in moderation. Remember that sunlight is important for the synthesis of vitamin D, which is necessary for our body.

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However, excess sun exposure can cause sunburn, appearance of age spots or actinic lentigines, and in predisposed individuals, it favors the development of certain skin tumors. In all cases, excess sun exposure accelerates aging of the skin.


Skin care for men with Aloe Vera

cream-manWorries about beauty and daily care are “unisex”, and since quite a few years ago men have learnt to see beyond shaving foam. More and more are concerned about the appearance of their skin and look for solutions.

Just one generation has been sufficient enough for the percentage of men who use beauty products to rise from 4% in 1990 to 50% today.

Bad habits, stress and poor diet are some of the factors that cause premature aging of the skin. Also, according to various studies, sleep deprivation among the population is higher in the male sector. One of the most harmful causes to skin that shows obvious signs of fatigue and an ‘off’ skin tone.

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A men skin is distinguished from the female by having a greater thickness, secreting more fat and is more elastic and firm. However, although a man possesses a stronger dermis than a woman, this doesn’t mean that he shouldn’t care for it. His skin may age later on in life, but it happens very suddenly.


In addition, shaving daily is a constant stress that damages the outer layer of the epidermis. This causes dehydration and lack of skin protection against various external agents (cold, wind, sun…).

Products with pure Aloe vera fight these external agents, favoring a smooth texture and refreshing face thanks to the minerals, amino acids, and hydrating and tissue regenerating vitamins (A, B, C). Also posses astringent and bacterial propertieseco and, even, clinical studies show that twice daily application of Aloe vera reduces eye bags by 65%!


It’s possible to fight acne using pure Aloe vera

Despite normally being associated with puberty, acne is the most common skin disease and there are numerous causes of an acne breakout: hormonal changes during pregnancy, possible side effect of birth control pills, certain medications, excess makeup…

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The areas most commonly affected by the eruption of spots or blackheads are the face, neck,Aloe-vera-acne back, chest and shoulders. So any acne treatment is valid, provided it is correctly applied to the affected area.

In this regard, we must highlight that Aloe vera has become one of the most popular solutions for not only the healing process, but also for preventing future breakouts. This is due to this plant, also known as Sabila, possessing astringent and bacterial properties, which are responsible for removing excess fat that clogs the skin pores.

A treatment of Aloe vera against the onset of spots and blackheads not only helps to prevent or cure, but also to act against scarring caused by the disorder; since the plant contains various innate healing properties that help eliminate acne scars. It also provides minerals, amino acids, and hydrating and tissue regenerating vitamins (A, B, C).

Facial Cleansing Mousse

facial cleansing mousseOn our Atlantia online store we have an enriching facial foam with Aloe vera for mild skin cleansing: Facial Cleansing Mousse. It’s a product made with the purest eco cultivated Aloe vera in the Canary Islands.

The Atlantia Mousse Facial Cleanser does not contain soap, so it doesn’t dry out the applied area and is suitable for all skin types. The fragrance is allergen-free and doesn’t include parabens. In short, natural skin care with pure Aloe vera from the Canaries.

For application of Aloe vera facial foam, you must moisten the face, put some foam in the palm of your hand, apply to your face (or area affected by acne: shoulders, chest, neck… ) and massage. Then rinse with water and let the properties of the plant act. It’s important to avoid the foam coming into contact with the eyes to prevent possible irritation or stinging in the area.