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Category Archives: Hygiene


Take care your feet for summer with aloe vera

Although our feet are a part of our body that we must be looked after in any season of the year, now that summer and high temperatures are coming, we have to give them more attention since they tend to be one of the most forgotten areas in terms of care.

In addition, feet are the part of the body that works the most, since they support our weight and allows us to move while they absorb and amortize any impact that the body receives from the ground.

In Atlantia, we help you prepare your feet with aloe vera for this time of the year, giving you some recommendations to keep them healthy and hydrated.


crema-pies-reparadoraThe heat makes you expose your feet to surfaces with extreme humidity such as beaches and pools, facilitating the appearance of fungi and bacteria.

Also, external factors such as high temperatures, air contact or barefoot walking are common in the summer, and they can cause cracks and calluses on our heels.

In Atlantia, we offer you our Crema Reparadora para Pies which, thanks to its pure Aloe Vera juice safeguards and pampers your feet from the inside.

Its simple way of use is to apply the cream twice a day with completely clean and dry feet, performing a light massage until the complete absorption of the product.


Our nails must have the same, if not more, care that our feet. Aside from keeping them healthy, we must moisturize them to avoid possible infections, keeping good hygiene, short fingernails, and wearing comfortable shoes. In this way, we avoid common problems in this area of the body such as “athlete’s foot.”

Mother Father and Baby Feet under Blanket isolated on white background

For this reason, our foot repair cream can be used as a preventive treatment to such conditions, applying it several times a day and with a light massage.

Thanks to the aloe vera in its composition, this cream manages to heal quickly the affected areas as it keeps them hydrated.

Choose the best aloe from the Canary Islands, and find our products for the comprehensive care of your body in our online store.


Aloe Vera shampoo for summer hair care

Hair responds to our mood, health and how we treat it. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables helps keep our hair soft and shiny.

That’s why throughout the year we look after our hair with great care: masks, oils, hydrating treatments at trusted hair salons… However, none of this is effective enough if when summer arrives we ignore the SOS our hair cries out.

A lack of care can reflect a rougher, dull and discoloured hair Click To Tweet

After marathon tanning sessions, diving in pools with high levels of chlorine or aggressive hairdrying, our lush and voluminous hair ends up becoming matted and mop-like with little life.

Summer hair care

Pelo-dañadoDuring the summer season we diligently entrust ourselves to care for our skin from the harmful rays of the sun, leaving the protection of our hair in the background. A neglection of the hair reflected in rougher, dull and discoloured hair.

It’s important to know how to care for our hair in summer, not only because of increased exposure to sunlight, but also due to sea water or chlorinated pools. Also, if we use dyes, protection must be more thorough.

Avoiding the hairdryer and letting our hair dry outdoors is one of the most effective methods for maintaining shine and a silky feel. Likewise, using a specific product for those beach days helps keep both the hair and scalp healthy.

Shampoo with Aloe vera

champú-aloe-veraRecovering the shine and volume of our hair isn’t a ‘quick fix’ job; it needs time to restructure and repair. That’s why at Atlantia we have a shampoo enriched with Aloe vera for normal hair care throughout the year.

With Canarian Aloe vera and a very gentle cleansing base, it leaves the hair soft and conditioned. This is a product for daily hair washing. Its very soft cleansing base, also rich in natural surfactants, allows our hair to retain its shine and balance. Furthermore, it respects the pH of the skin and scalp.

Active ingredients

Aloe vera from the Canary Islands: 100% ecologically grown with 0% added water

Provides minerals, amino acids, and hydrating and regenerating tissue action vitamins (A, B, C)

Decyl Glucoside: surfactant derived from glucose. Very gentle cleansing base

Surfactant derived from soy proteins: reduces skin irritation. Conditions hair


It’s possible to fight acne using pure Aloe vera

Despite normally being associated with puberty, acne is the most common skin disease and there are numerous causes of an acne breakout: hormonal changes during pregnancy, possible side effect of birth control pills, certain medications, excess makeup…

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The areas most commonly affected by the eruption of spots or blackheads are the face, neck,Aloe-vera-acne back, chest and shoulders. So any acne treatment is valid, provided it is correctly applied to the affected area.

In this regard, we must highlight that Aloe vera has become one of the most popular solutions for not only the healing process, but also for preventing future breakouts. This is due to this plant, also known as Sabila, possessing astringent and bacterial properties, which are responsible for removing excess fat that clogs the skin pores.

A treatment of Aloe vera against the onset of spots and blackheads not only helps to prevent or cure, but also to act against scarring caused by the disorder; since the plant contains various innate healing properties that help eliminate acne scars. It also provides minerals, amino acids, and hydrating and tissue regenerating vitamins (A, B, C).

Facial Cleansing Mousse

facial cleansing mousseOn our Atlantia online store we have an enriching facial foam with Aloe vera for mild skin cleansing: Facial Cleansing Mousse. It’s a product made with the purest eco cultivated Aloe vera in the Canary Islands.

The Atlantia Mousse Facial Cleanser does not contain soap, so it doesn’t dry out the applied area and is suitable for all skin types. The fragrance is allergen-free and doesn’t include parabens. In short, natural skin care with pure Aloe vera from the Canaries.

For application of Aloe vera facial foam, you must moisten the face, put some foam in the palm of your hand, apply to your face (or area affected by acne: shoulders, chest, neck… ) and massage. Then rinse with water and let the properties of the plant act. It’s important to avoid the foam coming into contact with the eyes to prevent possible irritation or stinging in the area.