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Back to school with the best of yourself

We usually reflect about New Year´s resolutions and, above all, about improving our habits: stop smoking, study more, eat healthy, do some sport, take care of your skin as it deserves… However, September can also be a wonderful month to set goals. Rested after the summer holidays and re-energized to cope with the new “school year”.

Recover from summer!

In what regards skin care, “Back-to-school” is the perfect time to treat the environmental stress caused to your skin during the summer: temperature changes, humidity, long hours under the sun, salty or chlorinated water, etc. Here are some tips for you to keep in mind:

aloe-vera-planta– Repair hair: Your hair is one of the worst affected by the ravages of summer: dry and dehydrated hair, damaged hair tips, etc. A good haircut can be very helpful, but also using moisturising shampoos, regenerating hair masks and oils to nourish and moisturise. And finally, try to avoid as far as possible the hairdryers and Irons.

– Extra hydration into your face: the facial skin is very sensitive in comparison to the skin on the rest of your body and it reacts differently to external aggressions. Dehydration and dryness become more visible and your skin needs extra hydration after the summer time.

The best thing is a Skin-Peel (at home or at the Aesthetic Centre) and to apply serums before the moisturising cream, that penetrate into the deepest cell layers of the epidermis and keep your skin moisturized.

aloe-vera-piel Hand and foot care: They also deserve particular attention after the holidays. The best thing is to remove corns, death cells and cuticles. If you have been polishing your nails during the summer, you should allow them to breath for a while.

It is important to exfoliate your feet and to apply a moisturising cream, particularly on your heels, the ones that suffer the most.

With the wide variety of products from Atlantia you can perfectly implement all these tips and incorporate them to your daily body care routine.

Proof of this can be found in the many references in the media about Atlantia, like the recent one in a Spanish magazine focused on the male audience: Thank you!

If you have any questions about any of them don´t hesitate to contact us.


Vivaness 2018: International Fair of Natural and Organic Personal Care

¿What it is?

atlantia6Last February VIVANESS 2018 was celebrated, an International Fair of Natural and Organic Personal Care that has already reached  its eleventh edition. Held at the Exhibition Center Nuremberg (Germany), one of the most massive fairgrounds in the world that hosts national and international fairs, exhibitions and congresses. The fair began with 164 exhibitiors from 15 countries, and it has grown enough to reach more than 250 exhibitions from 30 countries in recent years, It is currently the leading international meeting point for the natural cosmetics field.

It is celebrated along with BIOFACH, the most important fair of organic food and among its objectives are to make contacts and learn about the natural products of the current cosmetics field. Also, there is room for debates on the advances in the dermocosmetic industry and presentation of products to professionals of specialized stores, pharmacies, perfumeries…

Atlantia, presented at the fair

FotoJetThis 2018 has been the year chosen by Atlantia to attend Vivaness 2018 for the first time as an exhibitor.

We have been present in the call showing some of our products as Bialoe, a nutritional supplement that fits perfectly in a growing segment such as the nutricosmetics. Bialoe is made from Aloe Vera 100% pure organic farming and is recognized both for its multiple benefits for the body and for being a product for beauty, which works from within to improve the appearance of your skin.

On our stand, we offered visitors a tasting product that was very well received. Many came to try it since the ingested Aloe is still unknown to many. Moreover, for those who knew it and had tried other brands, it was a surprise to see the high acceptance it had.

Aloe vera for everyone

Aloe vera is from the onion family and has a very characteristic smell and flavor, for some it is not very pleasant, although 100% compesated if we think about the multiple benefits it has for our organism. While authentic Aloe Vera juice was 99,7% pure, visitors recognized a smoother flavor thanks to the natural aroma of pineapple.

BioFach Vivaness 2018

Photo: NuembergMesse/Heiko Stahl

With our presence at the fair, we also wanted to convey the importance of this product in the medical field. The benefits of Aloe Vera for skin, its regenerative and soothing properties have made the Pure Aloe Vera Gel, and Superdefense recommended for years by medical specialists in breast cancer patients ungergoing radiotherapy. However, recently, an article has been published about a clinical trial carried out with Bialoe that has demonstrated the analgesic and anti-anflammatory action also for ingested Aloe vera.

VIVANESS 2018 has served us as a platform for presentation and introduction to the German market and European countries, which is why we are convinced that it will help us to continue fulfilling our commitment to offer the best Aloe Vera in the Canary Islands.


Aloe vera for sunburn

Spring comes and therefore the good weather. The skin is a very sensitive part of our body and it requires special care, particularly now, when the first sun exposure begins and can use sunburn.

In many cases, we do not take the necessary measures to take care of our skins and burns can occur in areas of our body after a long exposure to the sun without adequate protection. In these cases, Atlantia’s pure Aloe Vera products are ideal for repairing the damaged skin.

Aloe vera after the sun

atlantia-aftersun-leche-calmante-despues-sol (1)It is important to know which layers of our skin have been damaged by the sun. We can see this as a slight redness of the area until the appearance of pain and blisters. Whatever the outcome, we must know what we need to do.

In Atlantia, we have created as an alternative to After Sun, a soothing milk that, like all our products, contains Aloe Vera grown in the Canary Islands.

This product is ideal for damaged areas, as it soothes and brings softness to the skin, accelerating the healing process of wounds.

Its mode of use is to massage slightly the areas damaged by the sun with the product until completely absorbed, several times a day, and until it regenerates the damaged skin.

Deeper Care



It can happen that the sunburns reach a level higher than we expected and end up leaving a scar.

For these cases, Atlantia provides you with Regestimul, an excellent product for cellular regeneration composed of natural Aloe Vera, shea butter, and rosehip; ideal ingredients for the deepest care of the layers of the skin.

Rosehip contains a high concentration of fatty acids that can regenerate and rapidly heal the damaged skin, producing an improvement in the affected area.



Prevention is essential

Although there are such alternatives, it is always better to be safe than sorry. While it is true that maintaining a gradual and moderate exposure to the sun is good for our body, we must consider the recommendations of specialists and take care of our skin and keep it moisturized every day.

The pure gel of aloe vera is a good choice, because thanks to its production process all the active ingredients present inside the aloe vera leaf are preserved. Thus, it hydrates the skin daily in depth and nourishes from the inside.

If you want to know what all the benefits that aloe vera brings to your body, click on this interesting article from Health Ambition “The benefits of aloe vera”, where you can find everything you are looking for on this beneficial plant.


Aloe vera: a relief after laser hair removal

We go out less, we wear more clothes… Winter is, undoubtedly, the time when we least “show” our skin; However, would you believe us if we tell you that this time of the year is when laser hair removal centers receive more customers? You are quite right!

sesion-de-laserThe truth is that, in these months in which the skin is less tanned and exposed to the sun, the treatment to remove your hair with a laser is more effective. So yes: not depending on the season, it is quite usual that some side effects appear after the treatment that, depending on the type of skin and hair, can be longer or shorter… The most common are perifollicular edema (small swellings around the exit of the hair) and erythema (generalized inflammation of the skin), two reactions that cause discomforts such as itching or redness, and that can be alleviated using pure Aloe Vera like the one that you will find in Atlantia.

Aloe vera: soothing, antiseptic and regenerative

Thanks to its properties, more and more professionals recommend Aloe Vera as a treatment to soothe the skin, favor its regeneration, and prevent infections after laser hair removal. Hereunder, we will present some of its many benefits:

– It works as a natural antiseptic, thanks to its bactericidal power.

– It helps cells growth, favoring the regeneration of the skin.

– It has anti-inflammatory and emollient properties.

– It improves circulation in affected areas, thanks to its ability to dilate blood vessels.

– It nourishes and moisturizes the skin, making it smooth and soft.

Pure Aloe vera gel

To enjoy all the advantages offered by Aloe Vera in the post-laser treatment, and not lose any of its properties, experts recommend using 100 % pure natural gels. In this sense, in Atlantia we have products made with pure Aloe Vera grown in the Canaries, such as our PURE ALOE VERA GEL for protection and body care. Thanks to the ecological cultivation and the meticulous production process—extracted directly from the leaves of Aloe Vera— this gel maintains all the active principles of the plant, becoming the best ally to soothe and treat our skin after hair removal.


How to use it? Very simple: just apply it -as many times as necessary- over the area to be treated, performing a gentle massage until it is completely absorbed… That’s it!

Do not suffer anymore from irritations and discomfort from laser hair removal. With our advice and the best Aloe Vera of the Canary Islands, next summer you will be able to look radiant, healthy, and hairless!

aloe vera para manos

Perfect and hydrated hands also in the winter!

A smile… and a handshake. In many cases, our hands are our best introduction to others and, without knowing it, they speak a lot about us. Therefore, keeping them healthy and taking care of them is essential, not only for our image and aesthetics but also—and above all—to feel good about ourselves.

Hydration, a fundamental part

hands in the winterHaving perfect hands is not always easy. The truth is that, because they are always exposed, they are one of the most sensitive parts of our body and the more exposed to changes in temperature, so it is common that, in the winter, they tend to become more red and cracked. In addition, not only the cold but also the effect of the heating or daily tasks (they are constantly working!), end up making a dent in them and cause them to lose some of their smoothness. The most common effect in our hands is the loss of elasticity, because of dehydration, so it is essential to hydrate them so that the skin remains flexible.

Furthermore, like the hands, the nails are also constantly exposed to the aggressions of the environment, so they are more vulnerable to suffer alterations that make them weak and brittle. The Onychomycosis (a superficial infection of the nails that causes scaling and color changes) or the unsightly hangnails (small pieces of skin that arise around the nail because of the peeling) are just some of the discomforts that can arise if not carry out some minimal care.

Therefore, it is necessary that you take care of your hands and keep them hydrated… following these tips that we bring to you!

Keeping your hands protected

Watch out for the sinks. Hot water and detergents or soaps damage the hydrolipidic film that protects the skin of the hands, leaving them dry and unprotected; it is important that you always wear gloves when you carry out some work of this type.

Dry them well. Hygiene is essential to show healthy and beautiful hands, but just as important to wash them is to dry them afterward with a towel, as humidity promotes the development of bacteria.

Protect them from low temperatures. Especially on colder days, do not go outside without your gloves.

Aloe Vera hand cream

aloe vera hand creamAlong with the advice, we have just given to you, you should not forget this vital step: hydrate your hands with Aloe Vera to repair, nourish, and restore the protective film of the skin.

At Atlantia we have our HAND AND NAILS CREAM, formulated with Aloe Vera from the Canary Islands, for the treatment of dry and cracked hands. A cream that, in addition to providing the moisturizing and regenerating action of Aloe Vera, provides a protective film on the skin that shields it from water and other agents. The trick? When you apply it, start with a good massage on the tips of the fingers and ends on the forearms… this will favor the absorption of the cream and will revive the circulation in your hands!

Now you know: this winter, Atlantia’s pure Aloe Vera will lend you a hand!


Gift ideas for the whole family with Atlantia

Christmas is here! Family reunions, office dinners, sweet and long meals, and… gifts! Have you thought about what to give this year? In Atlantia we have some ideas for you to have the perfect gift for your loved ones, from the purest Aloe Vera of the Canary Islands. Give the gift of health with our efficient and quality products.

Out of home…

TRAVEL SET – Travel Products Packtravel-set

Whether at home or on the other side of the world, you can take care of your family and friends with our Atlantia TRAVEL SET. A pack consisting of products carefully designed to maintain all properties of the Aloe Vera. The set includes some of our most demanded products:

  • 1 60ml Aloe Moisturizing Gel
  • 1 60ml Moisturizing Body Milk
  • 1 60ml Regular Hair Shampoo
  • 1 60ml Moisturizing Shower Gel

Remember these bottles sizes are allowed as carry-on luggage at airports.

For him…

PACK FOR MEN – Men’s Care

pack-menDo men age better than women? Generally, yes. Men’s skin is more resistant, secretes a more abundant hydrolipidic film and is more elastic than women’s skin. To that, we must add that men produce a high level of male hormones until a very advanced age.

The sun and the lifestyle (stress, tobacco, alcohol, lack of sleep…) are the main reasons for the aging of the skin. It may look weary and lifeless. Therefore, men’s skin does need the care to prevent and delay aging.

With our PACK FOR MEN you can also give the gift of health with our products made precisely to meet the needs of men’s skin. This set includes:

  • 50 ml Active Energy
  • 15 ml Active Energy Eyes
  • 50 ml Ultra Confort Aftershave

To one’s taste…


Send by E-mail a personalized gift card of the amount you prefer and … get it right with our Aloe Vera products!

  • Choose the Gift Card that best suits the occasion.
  • Select the amount you want to give and personalize your greeting message.
  • Print it at home or send it directly by email whenever you want.


Remember that the gift card is only valid for online purchases. Also, using the code GIFTCARD you can get a… 10% discount on the first purchase! Atlantia Gift Card is the easiest and most practical way to have the perfect gift for those special days.