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A very common disease, a very effective painkiller

The singer Dani Martín revolutionized the social networks a few days ago with the appearance of a selfie in which he shared with all his followers that he suffers rosacea.

It is a chronic and inflammatory skin disease, which causes temporary redness mainly in the area of the forehead, nose and cheeks, and can sometimes be accompanied by acne. It has been hard for me to accept that from time to time my skin takes out these outbreaks, but this is also me,” explained the singer.

Image: Singer Dani Martínrosácea

And the thing is that this problem not only affects the appearance of the skin, but also generates insecurity and complexes in those who suffer from it. In Spain, more than 4 million people have been diagnosed with rosacea for a variety of reasons: diet, climate, lifestyle, hygiene habits…

Not to smoke, to avoid the ingestion of spicy food or to protect the skin of the cold with very moisturizing cosmetics in winter are only some of the advices given by dermatologists to stop its arising.

Source: Instagram  

Frequently, when talking about the best natural skin care, Aloe Vera emerges as one of the most effective and popular remedies. Its multiple properties (moisturizing, regenerating, detoxifying, healing, etc.) make it an authentic oasis for our dermis, also for cases of rosacea.

Aloe has a moisturizing and penetrating capacity far superior to that of water, which multiplies its effectiveness. In addition, it eliminates bacteria and fat deposits that block the pores. Because of the fact that it is a powerful cellular regenerator, healer and toner, it stimulates the reproduction of new cells. 

gel-puro-aloe-veraHowever, in order to enjoy all these benefits, it is essential that we ensure that Aloe is 100% pure, like Atlantia Gel.

Try applying Aloe every time there is an outbreak or even once a day or once every few days for maintenance. It is best to wash well the area where it is going to be applied and avoid contact with other areas so that bacteria do not spread.

In any case, we must not forget that rosacea is a disease that can be controlled, but it’s not curable, and not in all cases the skin responds in the same way to a treatment or cosmetic, so you should always visit a dermatologist beforehand.


Varicose veins, improves its appearance with aloe vera

Varicose veins are all those veins that, for different reasons, have dilated and part of the blood they lead has been stagnant. This skin condition is usually more visible in the legs, ankles, and feet because those are the farthest parts of the body from the heart.

They have a blue or purple color and are sometimes very annoying to the touch and can even cause some pain, especially after standing for a long time or sitting.

Why do they appear and who suffers from them?

ATLANTIA15Although it is more common among women, many men also suffer from them. They can be of genetic origin, arise during pregnancy, overweight, by impact sports or by the type of work, which forces you to spend a lot of time in the same position (standing or sitting).

Another reason may be sedentary lifestyle or consumption of oral contraceptives that, due to the amount of estrogens, produce a state of hypercoagulation.

For most of those who suffer from varicose veins, apart from an unsightly condition, it is very annoying that it can cause pain and inflammation. Therefore, if no solution is made since they appear, they can become dangerous and end up needing surgical intervention.

Aloe, immediate relief

In addition to improving its appearance, aloe vera calms, reduces fatigue and tension in addition to exerting an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect.

ATLANTIA16Products such as Gel Relax cold-heat with arnica and harpagofito helps to maintain blood circulation in good conditions also thanks to arginine and acemannan of aloe vera in its composition.

In addition, it reduces itching, tingling or the sensation of heat thanks to its soothing and refreshing power.

Varicose veins, avoid them

In a complementary way with the use of aloe vera, to reduce or avoid the appearance of varicose veins, it is necessary to carry out a healthy and balanced diet where vegetables and fruits abound.

It is also a good option to massage the affected areas on a regular basis, exercise and drink a good amount of water a day, as it increases fluidity of blood and eliminate waste.

In this sense, experts also recommend not wearing too tight clothes, in the case of women avoid wearing heels for a long period of time, do not smoke or change their posture regularly and take small breaks to stretch their legs.


In Atlantia we say NO to products tested in animals

More than 100 million animals are treated cruelly each year in laboratories with the objective of testing ingredients whose final product will reach the customer imminently.

Beforehand, since 2009 the sale and manufacture of cosmetic products in the European Union that have been tested on animals is totally prohibited. Four years later, the testing of toxic products was also banned, although there is an extension until the year 2023 for its full and final implementation.

What does it consist of and how does it affect animals?

atlantia2Testing animals involves handling animals such as guinea pigs, rabbits, dogs, cats and even chickens, in most cases,making them try products and see the reaction they produce in them.

Some of the practices that are carried out are those of observing changes in the skin, the hair or seeing the functioning of the organs through practices that range from inhaling hair lacquers to forcibly introducing dentrifics into the stomach of the animals.

Differentiate whether a product is or is not tested on animals is as simple as checking the label of the product and see if it has the “cruelty free” or “not tested on animals” seal. This means that neither the final product nor any of its ingredients have been tested and we will be looking at a product that is respectful and compassionate to animals.

Yes to cruelty free

atlantia3For all those who want to know what products are those that make tests on animals, there are also mobile applications that indicate whether or not they are cruelty free. Although some of these apps are paid, many others are free: Cruelty free, Bunny free, Choose cruelty or Happy bunny, among others.

Nowadays there are still many brands that test, but every time the trend towards makeup and natural cosmetics increases, which makes us tremendously happy, since from Atlantia we advocate the purity and naturalness of the products, without testing in animals and also without parabens.

Is it testing strictly necessary?

atlantia4Definitely not, since there are many other alternative methods to animal testing. An example of this is to do it through the creation of artificial tissues of cultured human cells and bacterial systems or computer simulations, among many other options.

Nowadays there are companies dedicated to the search for alternatives that do not involve tests on animals, but this requires a particular investment to achieve the objective. On the other hand, it is also necessary that the analyses of these “fictitious” experiments be 100% reliable and demonstrable so that they can be applied to the products without harming the public health.