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Aloe Vera: 3 recommended healthy juices

There are many studies that determine the beneficial properties of the Aloe Vera. There are as many studies as ways of drinking the Aloe Vera, with juices being one of the most used options because of their combination of aloe vera with other foods.

It is interesting to know that the most consumed juices provide a high percentage of amino acids and fatty acids. These and other options offer an extra dose of energy and nutrition, in addition to being able to help prevent issues such as constipation or cholesterol. Keep in mind that the juice should be consumed as part of a healthy diet, serving as a nutritional supplement.

Some of the recommended options are those combined with fruit or vegetables, providing some of the vitamins and minerals we need daily.

collage zumos aloe

⦁ 1. Orange, apple, carrots, and Aloe Vera.
⦁ 2. Apple, cucumber, lemon, and Aloe Vera.
⦁ 3. Lemon and Aloe Vera.

The consumption of fruits like the apple supposes a contribution of potassium, fiber, and a high antioxidant power, or in the case of the lemon its citric acid, vitamin C or calcium promote immunity and fight infections. The combination of these properties with the Aloe Vera results in the creation of a natural barrier against external agents.

Powerful natural juices

In addition to the properties named before, the use of Aloe Vera helps us to defend and adapt our body to situations of physical, emotional or environmental stress, stimulating the necessary mechanisms to deal with them.

Also, its high content in water is a great way to hydrate and rejuvenate our organism from inside out.

Bialoe: practical and comfortable


In Atlantia, we make it easy with Bialoe. Bialoe is a juice extract from the leaves of pure Aloe Vera that keep the active ingredients present inside. Its considerable amount of acemanano gets the necessary effects for a good functioning of the organism with a natural aroma of pleasant taste.

With a complete composition, it is recommended to take 20ml of the product in the morning with a glass of water or juice.

If you have not yet tried Bialoe by Atlantia, you can order it from our website, and start caring for your body with the best of options.


Aloe vera works its way into the kitchen!

So far we have learned many of the benefits of applying the Aloe vera plant to the skin: as a soother for burns, due to its strong moisturising power, and an optimum wound healer…But what do we know about the advantages of ingesting Aloe vera?

There are many experts who have backed the study (still in preliminary stages) of this plant, also known as sabila, in colon cancer prevention. The possible effects of Aloe on obesity and diabetes have even been considered. Speculations that, today, we can’t say with certainty. But we do hope to be able to do so in the near future.

Nutritional properties of Aloe vera

Recetas-con-Aloe-veraJuices, yoghurts, jams…The major food brands are aware of the potential of Aloe vera and are starting to include it in their products. And when the pure gel of this plant is mixed with other foods, it becomes an insipid ingredient, tasteless.

However, Aloe vera preserves all its nutritional and beneficial properties for our body in these foods. Such as its high content of minerals: potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and iron. It also contains vitamin E, B vitamins, vitamin C and folic acid.

We must also highlight the content of aloin (anthraquinone) in this plant, a type of substance found in plants with yellow-orange pigments and that stimulates bowel movement, preventing and reducing constipation for those who sufferer from it.

Although aloin has been used for the treatment of oral infections, as a natural laxative or to alleviate gastritis, it could be a toxic substance if consumed over the recommended amount (10 ppm: parts per million). So the amount consumed should be in moderation. It may even cause an allergic reaction in certain types of people.

Juice extracted from Aloe vera

At Atlantia we’re not going to offer any less, so (currently) we have BIALOE, a juice made with the purest Aloe vera of the Canary Islands. This drinkable product is a fairly complete and natural nutritional supplement with positive effects for the proper functioning of our body.

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Receive comprehensive care thanks to the juice extracted from the filleted Aloe vera leaves, eco grown in the Canary Islands. Due to organic farming and the meticulous production process, optimal preservation of all the active ingredients present in the inner leaf is achieved.

Below, you can see the method of use we recommend at Atlantia:

How to include Aloe vera in my recipes

Our country’s great chefs have dared to add Aloe vera to their recipes. Why are we going to be an exception? Try the Aloe vera jelly in juices, smoothies, creams and soups. Even buying it in small cubes you can make a lush (and very healthy) salad.

We always recommend that you remove with caution the Aloe vera gel intended for preparing food, as by doing this you’ll avoid the yellow part of the Aloe vera, which is quite bitter, sour and acts as a laxative.