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Varicose veins, improves its appearance with aloe vera

Varicose veins are all those veins that, for different reasons, have dilated and part of the blood they lead has been stagnant. This skin condition is usually more visible in the legs, ankles, and feet because those are the farthest parts of the body from the heart.

They have a blue or purple color and are sometimes very annoying to the touch and can even cause some pain, especially after standing for a long time or sitting.

Why do they appear and who suffers from them?

ATLANTIA15Although it is more common among women, many men also suffer from them. They can be of genetic origin, arise during pregnancy, overweight, by impact sports or by the type of work, which forces you to spend a lot of time in the same position (standing or sitting).

Another reason may be sedentary lifestyle or consumption of oral contraceptives that, due to the amount of estrogens, produce a state of hypercoagulation.

For most of those who suffer from varicose veins, apart from an unsightly condition, it is very annoying that it can cause pain and inflammation. Therefore, if no solution is made since they appear, they can become dangerous and end up needing surgical intervention.

Aloe, immediate relief

In addition to improving its appearance, aloe vera calms, reduces fatigue and tension in addition to exerting an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect.

ATLANTIA16Products such as Gel Relax cold-heat with arnica and harpagofito helps to maintain blood circulation in good conditions also thanks to arginine and acemannan of aloe vera in its composition.

In addition, it reduces itching, tingling or the sensation of heat thanks to its soothing and refreshing power.

Varicose veins, avoid them

In a complementary way with the use of aloe vera, to reduce or avoid the appearance of varicose veins, it is necessary to carry out a healthy and balanced diet where vegetables and fruits abound.

It is also a good option to massage the affected areas on a regular basis, exercise and drink a good amount of water a day, as it increases fluidity of blood and eliminate waste.

In this sense, experts also recommend not wearing too tight clothes, in the case of women avoid wearing heels for a long period of time, do not smoke or change their posture regularly and take small breaks to stretch their legs.


In Atlantia we say NO to products tested in animals

More than 100 million animals are treated cruelly each year in laboratories with the objective of testing ingredients whose final product will reach the customer imminently.

Beforehand, since 2009 the sale and manufacture of cosmetic products in the European Union that have been tested on animals is totally prohibited. Four years later, the testing of toxic products was also banned, although there is an extension until the year 2023 for its full and final implementation.

What does it consist of and how does it affect animals?

atlantia2Testing animals involves handling animals such as guinea pigs, rabbits, dogs, cats and even chickens, in most cases,making them try products and see the reaction they produce in them.

Some of the practices that are carried out are those of observing changes in the skin, the hair or seeing the functioning of the organs through practices that range from inhaling hair lacquers to forcibly introducing dentrifics into the stomach of the animals.

Differentiate whether a product is or is not tested on animals is as simple as checking the label of the product and see if it has the “cruelty free” or “not tested on animals” seal. This means that neither the final product nor any of its ingredients have been tested and we will be looking at a product that is respectful and compassionate to animals.

Yes to cruelty free

atlantia3For all those who want to know what products are those that make tests on animals, there are also mobile applications that indicate whether or not they are cruelty free. Although some of these apps are paid, many others are free: Cruelty free, Bunny free, Choose cruelty or Happy bunny, among others.

Nowadays there are still many brands that test, but every time the trend towards makeup and natural cosmetics increases, which makes us tremendously happy, since from Atlantia we advocate the purity and naturalness of the products, without testing in animals and also without parabens.

Is it testing strictly necessary?

atlantia4Definitely not, since there are many other alternative methods to animal testing. An example of this is to do it through the creation of artificial tissues of cultured human cells and bacterial systems or computer simulations, among many other options.

Nowadays there are companies dedicated to the search for alternatives that do not involve tests on animals, but this requires a particular investment to achieve the objective. On the other hand, it is also necessary that the analyses of these “fictitious” experiments be 100% reliable and demonstrable so that they can be applied to the products without harming the public health.


Vivaness 2018: International Fair of Natural and Organic Personal Care

¿What it is?

atlantia6Last February VIVANESS 2018 was celebrated, an International Fair of Natural and Organic Personal Care that has already reached  its eleventh edition. Held at the Exhibition Center Nuremberg (Germany), one of the most massive fairgrounds in the world that hosts national and international fairs, exhibitions and congresses. The fair began with 164 exhibitiors from 15 countries, and it has grown enough to reach more than 250 exhibitions from 30 countries in recent years, It is currently the leading international meeting point for the natural cosmetics field.

It is celebrated along with BIOFACH, the most important fair of organic food and among its objectives are to make contacts and learn about the natural products of the current cosmetics field. Also, there is room for debates on the advances in the dermocosmetic industry and presentation of products to professionals of specialized stores, pharmacies, perfumeries…

Atlantia, presented at the fair

FotoJetThis 2018 has been the year chosen by Atlantia to attend Vivaness 2018 for the first time as an exhibitor.

We have been present in the call showing some of our products as Bialoe, a nutritional supplement that fits perfectly in a growing segment such as the nutricosmetics. Bialoe is made from Aloe Vera 100% pure organic farming and is recognized both for its multiple benefits for the body and for being a product for beauty, which works from within to improve the appearance of your skin.

On our stand, we offered visitors a tasting product that was very well received. Many came to try it since the ingested Aloe is still unknown to many. Moreover, for those who knew it and had tried other brands, it was a surprise to see the high acceptance it had.

Aloe vera for everyone

Aloe vera is from the onion family and has a very characteristic smell and flavor, for some it is not very pleasant, although 100% compesated if we think about the multiple benefits it has for our organism. While authentic Aloe Vera juice was 99,7% pure, visitors recognized a smoother flavor thanks to the natural aroma of pineapple.

BioFach Vivaness 2018

Photo: NuembergMesse/Heiko Stahl

With our presence at the fair, we also wanted to convey the importance of this product in the medical field. The benefits of Aloe Vera for skin, its regenerative and soothing properties have made the Pure Aloe Vera Gel, and Superdefense recommended for years by medical specialists in breast cancer patients ungergoing radiotherapy. However, recently, an article has been published about a clinical trial carried out with Bialoe that has demonstrated the analgesic and anti-anflammatory action also for ingested Aloe vera.

VIVANESS 2018 has served us as a platform for presentation and introduction to the German market and European countries, which is why we are convinced that it will help us to continue fulfilling our commitment to offer the best Aloe Vera in the Canary Islands.


Aloe Vera: 3 recommended healthy juices

There are many studies that determine the beneficial properties of the Aloe Vera. There are as many studies as ways of drinking the Aloe Vera, with juices being one of the most used options because of their combination of aloe vera with other foods.

It is interesting to know that the most consumed juices provide a high percentage of amino acids and fatty acids. These and other options offer an extra dose of energy and nutrition, in addition to being able to help prevent issues such as constipation or cholesterol. Keep in mind that the juice should be consumed as part of a healthy diet, serving as a nutritional supplement.

Some of the recommended options are those combined with fruit or vegetables, providing some of the vitamins and minerals we need daily.

collage zumos aloe

⦁ 1. Orange, apple, carrots, and Aloe Vera.
⦁ 2. Apple, cucumber, lemon, and Aloe Vera.
⦁ 3. Lemon and Aloe Vera.

The consumption of fruits like the apple supposes a contribution of potassium, fiber, and a high antioxidant power, or in the case of the lemon its citric acid, vitamin C or calcium promote immunity and fight infections. The combination of these properties with the Aloe Vera results in the creation of a natural barrier against external agents.

Powerful natural juices

In addition to the properties named before, the use of Aloe Vera helps us to defend and adapt our body to situations of physical, emotional or environmental stress, stimulating the necessary mechanisms to deal with them.

Also, its high content in water is a great way to hydrate and rejuvenate our organism from inside out.

Bialoe: practical and comfortable


In Atlantia, we make it easy with Bialoe. Bialoe is a juice extract from the leaves of pure Aloe Vera that keep the active ingredients present inside. Its considerable amount of acemanano gets the necessary effects for a good functioning of the organism with a natural aroma of pleasant taste.

With a complete composition, it is recommended to take 20ml of the product in the morning with a glass of water or juice.

If you have not yet tried Bialoe by Atlantia, you can order it from our website, and start caring for your body with the best of options.


We use airless containers to maintain our Aloe Vera

cremas-hombre-aloeAt Atlantia, we strive to maintain the highest quality standards in each and every one of our products. Within our manufacturing process, we are at the forefront of innovative technology. Such is the case that we use the so-called airless container in some of our products.

We refer to a type of container that works through a continuous vacuum system. The airless container is used to maintain current all the properties and principles of the content: eco cultivated Aloe vera, in our case.

The main benefit of this type of container is that, because it removes any air that may have contact with the product, it avoids the tendency to oxidation, aging, or contamination.

– Avoid air contact with the product.

– Preserves all the Aloe vera’s properties.

– No oxidation, aging, or contamination.

– With dosing: great convenience and savings.

Our airless containers products

Pure gel Aloe veraPURE ALOE VERA GEL (75 ml and 200 ml): We’re talking about one of our most valuable products for the protection and body care. This product is a gel extracted directly from eco-grown Aloe vera leaves in the Canary Islands. Thanks to its thorough production process, including special packaging, we achieve the optimal preservation of all the active ingredients contained in the inner leaf.

regestimulREGESTIMUL: This is a product made with 100% Natural Rosehip Oil (Rosa rubiginosa) and pure Aloe Vera juice. The Atlantia’s Regestimul product nourishes and moisturizes the skin and deeply repair all types of scars and burns.

MALE LINE: Our male line contains Aloe Vera products, specially designed to respond effectively to Male Line with Aloethe specific needs of male skin.

Our men’s products Ultra Comfort (aftershave), Active Energy (active anti-aging), and Active Energy Eyes (active anti-fatigue eye contour) meet the highest quality standards in the care of daily shaving, hydration, and nutrition of male skin.

Using airless containers will be possible to decrease and prevent the integration of preservatives. Since the continued use of chemicals can cause allergic and dermatologic reactions.

Professional and quality container

The containers used in Atlantia products have been designed considering some principles apart from those named with airless technology:

We use containers airless to reduce and avoid preservatives Click To Tweet

– We have designed our containers that they are easy to use; obtaining easily the amount of cream to be applied or consumed directly.

– We have opted for simplicity and naturalness in the labeling, aiming to provide clear and concise information about the properties of the product, how to use it, and how to maintain it.

– The materials in most of our containers can be recycled. That is why we ask you when you finish using the product dispose the container in the appropriate trash cans so it can be recycled.


Canarian manufacturers fighting Aloe vera fraud

Aloe-vera-canariasAs we mentioned a few months ago in our article, “Asian Aloe vera products camouflage themselves as Canarian”, the situation remains the same: products labeled with Canarian branding turn out to be completely bogus products.

Aloe vera from the Canary Islands has a number of unique conditions (warm, arid and breezy environment) which make the plant’s crops one of the best in the world.

On most of the southern islands you can enjoy plenty of hours of sunshine throughout the year, stable temperatures, very few rainfalls and constant trade winds. Some advantages cosmetic items from China, Pakistan and India take advantage of, camouflaging themselves on the market with “Canary Island branding”. In fact, the products masquerading as Canarian Aloe vera amount up to 21 million euros thanks to deception.

Aloe vera deceptive products earn up to 21 million euros Click To Tweet

These fraudulent products boast 100% Aloe vera from the Canary Islands, whose labeling show a clear discrepancy: there is no trace of information about the manufacturer. Even when using the product, from the outset it feels like a standard cream.

Association of Manufacturers of Canarian Aloe vera Products

Aloe-vera-puro-de-CanariasThat’s why, after several years of fighting against this situation, Canarian manufacturers have reunited for the purpose of establishing the Association of Manufacturers of Canarian Aloe vera Products (AFAVECAN)

A low cost initiative to crack down on the counterfeiting of conventional products, especially intended for the millions of tourists who visit the Archipelago each year. The aim of the association is to make Aloe vera a product unique to the Islands.

The Minister of Industry of the Canary Islands Government, Pedro Ortega, has asked for collaboration from the tourism sector, with the aim of promoting the authentic Aloe vera from the Canary Islands. Ortega believes that this product is “a way of helping to diversify and increase industrial development and to generate skilled employment on the Islands”, which between direct and indirect jobs, employs about 600 workers on the Canary Islands.

He further concluded that “the processing and manufacture of products with this plant offer a wide range of possibilities for the Canarian industries of high value-added that also generate specialist jobs and R+D”.


Are natural cosmetics gaining ground on synthetic?

Two yoga classes a week, superfoods incorporated into our diet and daily care and hygiene with eco cosmetics. The concept of “wellness” has come into our lives to stay; and consumer awareness of harmful compounds found in numerous hygiene and cosmetic products, is leading to greater knowledge about it.

Skin is the largest organ of our body, responsible for keeping in touch with the outside world; as well as protecting our inner body from potencial environmental insults. That’s why synthetic cosmetics are increasingly questioned in our society.

Synthetic cosmetics vs. Natural cosmetics

beneficios-cosmética-naturalNevertheless, what are the basic keys for differentiating synthetic cosmetics from natural cosmetics?

The latter preferably uses natural and organic ingredients, obtained from plants and minerals, avoiding chemical preservatives. So we can say that natural cosmetics contain more active ingredients than a synthetic cosmetics product; including, besides plant and essential oils, other chemicals (colourants, preservatives, parabens…).

Also, natural cosmetics preserve more balance on the environment, biodiversity and natural balance, thanks to the reduction of polluting ingredients. A clear commitment to minimise the ecological impact on our environment.

INCI, the truth uncovered

Given the latent misinformation in the beauty industry, where many brands try to take advantage of this “eco natural hit”, interpreting the list of ingredients in cosmetics or beauty products is essential to avoid deception.

Unscrupulous companies exhibiting the famous “100% natural” labeling, despite having included on the INCI itself (list of ingredients) chemicals, such as parabens, phthalates, aluminum salts…

In order to avoid this deception to the consumer, we published a few weeks ago on our Atlantia Blog the basis for knowing how to interpret this information label, often so confusing: Learn to interpret the ingredients in cosmetics.


Natural cosmetics is in a professional boom Click To Tweet

It’s clear that the increase in consumer awareness regarding ecology, health safety and the growing awareness of dangers associated with synthetic chemicals, enhances interest for natural and organic cosmetics every day.

A booming market that still needs to lay some groundwork (lack of international certification), and which from Atlantia, we advocate by transmitting ethical and professional information to all our customers.