Take care your skin before and after exercising

It is increasingly common for society to care about changing their lifestyle to a healthier aspect. A diet based on healthy foods should be supplemented with a daily exercise routine that helps eliminate toxins and generates good oxygenation and cellular regeneration.

In addition to that, it is important to perform a good cleaning, hydration and nutrition of our skin before and after performing any exercise.



Many times, we are not aware of the importance of removing makeup before exercising. The use of cosmetics on our skins can clog pores and cause impurities, pimples, and blackheads.

It is for this reason that Atlantia’s Facial Cleanser Mousse is ideal for removing all types of makeup and moisturizing the skin.

This facial mousse enriched with canary aloe vera cleans without damaging or drying out and brings softness to the skin.

Its simple way to use in moistening the face and applying a little foam extending with the palm of the hand until its complete absorption



Once we have prepared our skin on the outside, it is necessary to take care of it from the inside.

Atlantia offers you Bialoe; a natural aloe vera juice with active ingredients and a natural aroma that, thanks to its necessary percentage of acemannan, helps to strengthen the immune system.

Taking natural aloe Vera in form of vitamins and minerals not only improves digestion but also detoxifies and decreases fats.

We must not forget that Bialoe is only an addition and does not replace our food, as it will only serve as a supplement to our daily diet.


It is recommended to practice 30 minutes of exercises, at least 4 times a week Click To Tweet


Once we have completed our exercise routine, muscle fatigue may appear.The Cold-Heat Relax Gel is designated for strength recovery and it is ideal for fatigued feet, joints or legs.

Its application twice a day brings freshness and relief in the affected areas thanks to its composition of minerals, amino acids, and vitamins A, B, and C.

In addition, its anti-inflammatory and analgesic action is ideal to recover our skin.

Certainly, the use of these Atlantia products helps our care before, during, and after exercising. Using them, our performance in sports will be much more complete.