Aloe Vera Ointment 

pommade à l’aloe veraUse of a good Aloe Vera Ointment is a very advisable option to treat various skin conditions. The properties of this plant allow to produce unparalleled solutions when it comes to moisturising, nourishing and regenerating the skin, such as the ones we have available for you.

The best thing is if you trust Atlantia, you could maximise the benefits you bring to your body through the use of aloe vera, because at our company we address the whole production process from an ecological approach. We work with our own crops, taking advantage of the Canary Islands great conditions for planting aloe, and we use pure extracts obtained through careful manual methods.  

This way, our aloe vera ointments retain the best possible of the desired properties -in this respect we also take measures in the packaging- and they are ideal for maintaining skin care, as well as mitigating negative effects which may have been caused by sun exposure, stress or other conditions.

A carefully prepared Aloe Vera Ointment

We put in your hands both pure aloe vera products and formulas that combine their properties with those of other natural ingredients. Choose the eco cultivated aloe vera ointment that most interests you among the many that we have to offer and place your order comfortably through our online store.

The combination of beneficial properties for humans of this plant with which we work, is broad and diverse: it hydrates, regenerates, nourishes, heals, soothes, eliminates bacteria... and that's why we take advantage of them with a remarkable range of products, putting at your fingertips the options that best meet your needs.

In this sense, we do not limit ourselves to just products that are applied to the skin, but we’re also committed to very interesting alternatives such as our eco cultivated aloe vera juice: a comprehensive benefit to the inside of your body.