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acheter du gel d’aloe veraAt Atlantia we have options that will arouse your interest if you are planning to buy aloe vera gel. We are a company dedicated to the development of biological products in which we take advantage of the combination of qualities offered by this plant, one of the most appreciated for its long list of uses. We take care of getting the most out of it, thanks to our efforts to follow ecological guidelines both in the cultivation process and extraction of the product from the plants leaves.

This is how we've developed a complete product line that covers all the best possibilities. We have pure aloe vera gel with a 100% composition, no concentrates, added water, perfumes, preservatives nor parabens; carefully produced to preserve its active ingredients. At the same time, we have exclusive formulas of ecological aloe vera cream oriented to daily skin care and relief from conditions, as well as a personal hygiene line.

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Buy Eco Cultivated Aloe Vera Gel

Enjoy the benefits of aloe vera ointment ideal for your situation or try our shower line: we offer a gel enriched with avocado oil that provides hydration, freshness and toning to your skin, being particularly recommended for skin suffering from dryness and sensitivity. To this we add a mousse facial cleanser and a gentle shampoo that conditions your hair.

Here you have an easy, convenient and safe option to order aloe vera gel to your home and to enjoy warranted quality. Be sure to keep an eye on the whole range of choices we make available to you from our ecological plantation in the Canary Islands, one of the most suitable places for the optimal development of the aloe plant.