Eco Cultivated Aloe Vera Juice

jus d’aloe vera bioAlready know all the benefits an eco cultivated aloe vera juice can bring you such as the one we offer at Atlantia? Our company grows aloe vera in the Canary Islands following the strictest standards for ecological farming and use for our wide range of products a direct extract from the plants leaves. This way we obtain beneficial options for skin care and hygiene, preserving this species’ own active ingredients and thereby maximising the many interesting properties that it provides to people. 

The production of our Drinkable Aloe Vera is done according to the following conditions. The pure juice is extracted from the aloe leaves, three per bottle, which have been filleted by hand. Without added water, no preservatives and with all its minerals, vitamins and acemannan, it's the most natural way to provide your body the incomparable advantages of aloe vera for comprehensive care. We recommend its consumption combined with water or fruit juice.

Eco grown Aloe Vera Juice without added water

Our juice is one of the most interesting options if you want to get the nutritional and medicinal properties of aloe vera in your day to day. However, we as the specialised company that we are, give you the opportunity to use the extract of our carefully cultivated plants in other formats optimised for different specific uses. For example, if you were thinking about buying an aloe vera cream to moisturise and repair your skin, we also have options of your interest.

All of this is available on our online store where you can also buy aloe vera gel for a more relaxing and healthy shower, as well as shampoo, mousse cleanser and other products that we invite you to explore and discover, always with our seal of quality.