The Aloe of Atlantia

Atlantia is the best-selling pure Aloe of the Canaries

We strive to have maximum control of the whole process of organic cultivation of this plant, from its origins until it reaches the consumer.

Our commitment is that you enjoy high quality products, made with pure organic aloe of the Canaries, and with all the guarantees


Raw materials of excellent quality

To make sure that our products are of maximum quality, we take care of the whole process from the initial phases:


Our first raw ingredient is the Aloe vera cultivated in the Canaries. The climate of the Canaries assures us that the plant grows in an optimal environment and that it contains a high amount of active ingredients and minerals in a natural way.

The Aloe vera used by Atlantia is "organically grown" name awarded by the C.R.A.E. (Regulatory Council for Organic Farming). This Aloe vera is one hundred percent organic, not transgenic, and in its cultivation synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and fungicides were not used.

Cultivation Aloe vera Atlantia


The leaves are harvested when the plant is of 4 to 5 years. The main reason for this is that it has reached the optimum size so that all substances that the plant contains are of the right quantities.

After careful hand picking, the freshly cut leaves are taken directly to the laboratory to begin the juice extraction.

Aloe leaf prepared for extraction of its pulpAloe leaf prepared for extraction of its pulp

A careful and advanced production process

Extraction and pressing

How is Aloe vera juice obtained?

  1. Harvest and wash the fresh leaves
  2. Cut the thorny side edges of the leaves
  3. Peel the green outer layer that covers the leaf and discard the yellow substance - the aloe juice– that appears between the skin and the gel. It is a substance rich in resins and anthraquinones –aloin and aloe emodin– which has a high laxative effect.
Hoja de Aloe preparada para extracción de su pulpaHoja de Aloe preparada para extracción de su pulpa

Pulp, filtration and cold settled

Once the aloe vera leaf has been peeled, the following step consists of extracting the transparent and jellylike pulp, also knows as fillet. These fillets are crushed and ground to obtain a whitish jellylike mass which is then filtered to remove impurities and unwanted elements. The filtering converts the jellylike mass into a liquid or Aloe vera juice.

The last step is to store the Aloe vera juice in refrigerated stainless steel tanks to ensure the maintenance of all its properties.

Aloe vera on ice

Product development

To make our products Atlantia uses pure cold settled Aloe vera juice. Our juice is stored cold in steel tanks, and from when the juice is made very little time passes until it is packaged. Thus we are preserving all properties and freshness in the final product.

Under no circumstances are concentrated or powdered aloe used to make the products, since the processes the gel is subjected to, to obtain such concentrations and lyophilisations, they eliminate much of the active ingredients naturally present in the plant. Many of the products you find on the market use this type of concentrated or dried aloe powder (lyophilised reconstituted aloe).

Our products are made directly with pure aloe pulp and our manufacturing processes make the aloe maintain their biological characteristics.

Atlantia products contain natural ingredients:

  • FREE of Parabens. These chemicals are often used as preservatives in multiple products. Atlantia does NOT use these components in any of its products.
  • FREE of added water. We use fresh Aloe vera pulp, to which we have not added water, only the already naturally present in the plant. In no case is aloe powder or concentrate used.
Atlantia products preparationTratamiento en fríoMachine gauge

Packaged to maintain quality

The containers used in all Atlantia products have been designed taking into account a number of principles:

  • Atlantia containers have been designed specially so that the product retains all its properties. The container should help preserve its quality. For example, Atlantia pure Aloe vera gel and Atlantia mens line are in air free containers, so that the product is perfectly preserved for much longer.
  • We have designed our containers so that they are easy to use and you can easily get the amount of product that you would like to apply or directly consume.
  • On the labeling we have opted for simplicity, to provide clear information on the product properties, how to use and how to preserve it.
  • The materials of most containers can be recycled. Please, when you finish using the product, properly deposit containers so they can be recycled.
Atlantia pure Aloe juice

With the guarantee of a highly experienced laboratory

The Atlantia products are made by Kosei Laboratories, a company that has over 20 years manufacturing dermocosmetic skincare products of very high quality. Their products are sold in pharmacies and are recommended by dermatologists, pediatricians, plastic surgeons and aesthetic physicians worldwide.

We have facilities at the forefront of technology. We conduct a rigorous quality control of both our processes and our raw materials, allowing us to obtain a high quality product and with full guarantees.

Our Research and Development Department is constantly working on creating new and improved products.

Product testing at quality control laboratory