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Aloe vera: Why packaging is so important

Aloe vera: Why packaging is so important

Find out why packaging is so important in natural cosmetics:

Products without preservatives or with a high natural content, like the Pure Aloe Vera Gel from ATLANTIA, need a special container packaging. And it is not just a whim.

To avoid any kind of external contamination or the loss of the original properties of Aloe, it is crucial to prevent contactwith air, as oxidation deteriorates cosmetic products faster. Therefore, in ATLANTIA we have selected an accurate high quality packaging. It integrates an « airless » system, whereby with each pump, the piston rises and pushes the product upward, creating a vacuum as the product is dispensed. It differs from the traditional aerosols in which they need propellant gases that are added to the product and the product is never fully dispensed.

Find out why packaging is so important in natural cosmetics

Avoiding oxidation is important because our product is 100% pure and fresh Aloe Vera gel. In the market most of Aloe products are made from powder, they are not natural and do not oxidize, so they do not need a special packaging, their properties are usually affected anyway in the process of obtaining powder. The oxidation is a natural process in fresh products, see for example an avocado or an apple that, once they are cut up, they get very dark because of the contact with air.

Remember, so that pure Aloe Vera gel preserves its natural properties, it is very important that the packaging is adequate.

Avoiding oxidation is important