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The best 100% ecological aloe

Careful preparation

In the manufacture of our products we use pure Aloe Barbadensis juice extracted directly from the leaves of the plant, not from concentrates.

This ensures that the properties of the aloe are not altered in the manufacturing process, giving rise to a final product of excellent quality.

Scientifically proven

What are its properties

In 1959, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) recognizes that products containing Aloe vera help skin regeneration. This was the biggest discovery for the launch of products based on Aloe vera.

Atlantia, aloe vera de Canarias

The most perfect aloe vera for those of us who like to be imperfect

Atlantia is a company formed by a group of highly qualified professionals in the dermocosmetic industry sector.

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Back to your everyday routine with Aloe

Back to your everyday routine with Aloe

After the holidays, we suggest you get back to your everyday routine with Aloe. That way, you can prolong your skin’s tan, beauty and health. Most of us have been able to enjoy a few days of relaxation this summer, although some more than others. At the beach, in a small town or in a[...]

The return from holidays with Aloe vera and Atlantia

The return from holidays with Aloe vera and Atlantia

Maybe you are still on holidays, but for most of us, the end of August means the end of the holidays. From Atlantia we give you some tips so you can enjoy the return from the holidays with Aloe vera. Our deep sorrow is to associate the end of the summer with an interruption from […]

The relaxed routine for the summer with Aleo vera

The relaxed routine for the summer with Aleo vera

If you are one of those that completely breaks the routines during summer and the holidays, you are not alone! From Atlantia, we want to help you to create an easy facial and body care routine with aloe vera so you don’t have to see your whole year’s hard work gone to waste in a […]