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Aloe protects from antibiotics´ secondary effects

After the accidental discovery of penicillin by Fleming, antibiotics have saved many lives. Its administration is essential to stop certain diseases caused by bacteria. It is the case of serious illnesses such as pneumonia and to halt the risk of infections that may occur in some people (for example, those who are going to have surgery).

The problem is that the antibiotic does not distinguish between bad and good bacteria. That is why, once in the organism, the bacteria of the digestive system that we know as intestinal flora are carried ahead. This microbiota is important for us because, in addition to helping in the process of digestion, they are also necessary to produce group B vitamins (folic acid, niacin, riboflavin, thiamin, among others).

During the treatment with antibiotic the intestinal flora is damaged, and this continues for a long time after stopping taking them. That is why there may be side effects such as constipation, diarrhea, bloating or gas after taking this medication.

Pure aloe vera juice

EVENTO ATLANTIA_Catering_064The pure Aloe Vera juice is a natural remedy to protect the bacterial flora during the treatment with antibiotics, thanks to its protective effect of the gastric mucosa. Its intake also reduces stomach acidity, promotes proper digestion, strengthens the immune system and self-defense mechanisms.

The BIALOE juice from Atlantia is formulated with 100% pure Aloe Vera (no water), extracted from the leaves of the organic cultivation plant (three whole leaves are used per bottle).

It has a sweet pineapple flavor and only contains natural ingredients, no preservatives or parabens. It is enough to take 20 ml. before breakfast, with a glass of water or juice.

jugo de aloe vera

Aloe vera, an effective aid against fat

After excesses (at Christmas time, summer holidays, family gathering, etc.) one of our main concerns is to lose those extra pounds, that we really enjoy gaining!

Nutritionists and dietitians always advise taking a healthy, varied and balanced diet throughout the year so that, by the time we have to fight against the scale, it is easier for us to return to our weight. But, there are other tricks that can help us in this task, such as drinking aloe vera juice.

Aloe vera benefits

As highlighted by the Hola! magazine pharmaceutical and expert in health and beauty, Meritxell Martí, this drink has “”an extraordinary detoxifying capacity and multiple benefits for intestinal transit,” which makes it an ally to “clean” our body.

jugo aloe veraAlso, aloe vera juice contains a wide variety of amino acids, vitamins and high amounts of polysaccharides, including acemannan, complementary to our diet, as well as balancing cholesterol levels in our body.

Bialoe by Atlantia is made with organic Aloe vera from the Canary Islands and, thanks to its meticulous production process, it guarantees an optimal conservation of the active ingredients present in the plant. You can also add the indicated dose with another drink like water or juice, so that it tastes better…and start making your organism happy!   


Aloe vera, an ideal plant to combat menstrual cramps

Menstruation is a temporary condition that women experience naturally every 28 days. In most cases, it is a process that causes aches and pains that, although they vary, can be present throughout the entire period. For this type of discomfort, aloe vera is a good ally.

Today, there are specific medicines to combat pain or reduce swelling, but since Atlantia we have always opted for the natural, such as the consumption of infusions or plants such as aloe vera to alleviate these discomforts.

Aloe vera, good for the stomach

bigstock-Aloe-Juice-86405741-min (1)

The purity of aloe vera manages to regulate the hormonal disorder that can cause menstruation, both in the case of dysmenorrhea and amenorrhea.

On the other hand, it is beneficial for the stomach, as it regulates the pH of the stomach and reduces acidity thanks to the vitamins of the B complex, present in the aloe gel.

Other useful uses of aloe make it help reduce inflammation, regenerate gastric mucous membranes or reduce constipation.

Betting on naturalness

During these days, specialists recommend drinking decaffeinated beverages, using heat in the abdomen or exercising, among other recommendations.

In this sense, the use of a thermal bag will reduce muscle spasms and provide relief in the affected area. On the other hand, a good exercise routine will help release endorphins, reducing menstruation symptoms.

Another option may be to take supplements such as calcium, vitamin D and magnesium as part of a healthy diet.

Complete your routine

BIALOESince Atlantia, we believe that Bialoe is the ideal choice to take care of you from the inside and benefit from all the properties of the plant in a fast and easy way.

This product is made from juice extracted from the aloe vera leaves filleted, preserves all the active ingredients of the plant and promotes the body’s well-being, making you feel healthier.

Its simple use consists of taking 20ml in the morning before breakfast mixed with a glass of juice or water.


Aloe Vera: 3 recommended healthy juices

There are many studies that determine the beneficial properties of the Aloe Vera. There are as many studies as ways of drinking the Aloe Vera, with juices being one of the most used options because of their combination of aloe vera with other foods.

It is interesting to know that the most consumed juices provide a high percentage of amino acids and fatty acids. These and other options offer an extra dose of energy and nutrition, in addition to being able to help prevent issues such as constipation or cholesterol. Keep in mind that the juice should be consumed as part of a healthy diet, serving as a nutritional supplement.

Some of the recommended options are those combined with fruit or vegetables, providing some of the vitamins and minerals we need daily.

collage zumos aloe

⦁ 1. Orange, apple, carrots, and Aloe Vera.
⦁ 2. Apple, cucumber, lemon, and Aloe Vera.
⦁ 3. Lemon and Aloe Vera.

The consumption of fruits like the apple supposes a contribution of potassium, fiber, and a high antioxidant power, or in the case of the lemon its citric acid, vitamin C or calcium promote immunity and fight infections. The combination of these properties with the Aloe Vera results in the creation of a natural barrier against external agents.

Powerful natural juices

In addition to the properties named before, the use of Aloe Vera helps us to defend and adapt our body to situations of physical, emotional or environmental stress, stimulating the necessary mechanisms to deal with them.

Also, its high content in water is a great way to hydrate and rejuvenate our organism from inside out.

Bialoe: practical and comfortable


In Atlantia, we make it easy with Bialoe. Bialoe is a juice extract from the leaves of pure Aloe Vera that keep the active ingredients present inside. Its considerable amount of acemanano gets the necessary effects for a good functioning of the organism with a natural aroma of pleasant taste.

With a complete composition, it is recommended to take 20ml of the product in the morning with a glass of water or juice.

If you have not yet tried Bialoe by Atlantia, you can order it from our website, and start caring for your body with the best of options.


Aloe vera works its way into the kitchen!

So far we have learned many of the benefits of applying the Aloe vera plant to the skin: as a soother for burns, due to its strong moisturising power, and an optimum wound healer…But what do we know about the advantages of ingesting Aloe vera?

There are many experts who have backed the study (still in preliminary stages) of this plant, also known as sabila, in colon cancer prevention. The possible effects of Aloe on obesity and diabetes have even been considered. Speculations that, today, we can’t say with certainty. But we do hope to be able to do so in the near future.

Nutritional properties of Aloe vera

Recetas-con-Aloe-veraJuices, yoghurts, jams…The major food brands are aware of the potential of Aloe vera and are starting to include it in their products. And when the pure gel of this plant is mixed with other foods, it becomes an insipid ingredient, tasteless.

However, Aloe vera preserves all its nutritional and beneficial properties for our body in these foods. Such as its high content of minerals: potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and iron. It also contains vitamin E, B vitamins, vitamin C and folic acid.

We must also highlight the content of aloin (anthraquinone) in this plant, a type of substance found in plants with yellow-orange pigments and that stimulates bowel movement, preventing and reducing constipation for those who sufferer from it.

Although aloin has been used for the treatment of oral infections, as a natural laxative or to alleviate gastritis, it could be a toxic substance if consumed over the recommended amount (10 ppm: parts per million). So the amount consumed should be in moderation. It may even cause an allergic reaction in certain types of people.

Juice extracted from Aloe vera

At Atlantia we’re not going to offer any less, so (currently) we have BIALOE, a juice made with the purest Aloe vera of the Canary Islands. This drinkable product is a fairly complete and natural nutritional supplement with positive effects for the proper functioning of our body.

The real Aloe vera juice from the Canary Islands Click To Tweet

Receive comprehensive care thanks to the juice extracted from the filleted Aloe vera leaves, eco grown in the Canary Islands. Due to organic farming and the meticulous production process, optimal preservation of all the active ingredients present in the inner leaf is achieved.

Below, you can see the method of use we recommend at Atlantia:

How to include Aloe vera in my recipes

Our country’s great chefs have dared to add Aloe vera to their recipes. Why are we going to be an exception? Try the Aloe vera jelly in juices, smoothies, creams and soups. Even buying it in small cubes you can make a lush (and very healthy) salad.

We always recommend that you remove with caution the Aloe vera gel intended for preparing food, as by doing this you’ll avoid the yellow part of the Aloe vera, which is quite bitter, sour and acts as a laxative.


Aloe vera juice, an ally of cholesterol?

aloe-vera-bebibleThere are numerous headlines that label Aloe vera as the “miracle or prodigious plant”, among other supernatural adjectives. However, at Atlantia we prefer to disclose information supported by previous and current studies.

Such is the case of the study published in a Mexican chemical engineering magazine: Aloe vera gel: structure, chemical composition, processing, biological activity and importance in the pharmaceutical and food industries, Mexico April 2012.

In this respect, we can say that there is some evidence that contribute to Aloe vera, an important role in lowering levels of LDL (Low Density Lipoproteins) and TG (Triacilglycerides) cholesterol, as it significantly increases the so-called “good cholesterol” or HDL (High Density Lipoprotein). This is mainly due to substances that Aloe vera contains such as amino acids, acemannan, vitamins

What is cholesterol?

Cholesterol is an important fat for the body, since it’s in each and every dormant cell in our body. This fatty substance is made by the liver and used by our cellular system for the construction of membranes and hormone production.

However, having certain high levels of LDL cholesterol is associated with cardiovascular problems, because if there’s an excess of this fat in our blood, it accumulates in the artery walls forming a plaque that gradually begins to narrow (atherosclerosis). The cholesterol known as HDL, has a counteraction, i.e. acts as a purifier, cleaning out the vessel walls.

Aloe gel, administered orally, reduced harmful cholesterol by 61 % in monkeys Click To Tweet

The researchers, Dixit, V.P. and Suresh Joshi (Effect of Aloe Barbadensis and Colfibrate on Serum Lipids in Hyperlipidemia in Presbytis Monkeys, 1983), conducted a study on monkeys where they observed that aloe vera gel, administered orally, reduced harmful cholesterol by 61%, simultaneously increasing the “good cholesterol”.

One of the key findings of the analysis was the fact that there is no single component in Aloe vera that acts in this phenomenon, but rather a collective effect of all substances that are part of its complex chemical composition.

BIALOE, Aloe Vera Juice for Drinking

bialoe-jugo-aloe-para-beberAt Atlantia we have a product made from Aloe vera, eco cultivated in the Canary Islands, and prepared for daily intake: BIALOE. With natural aroma, this Aloe vera juice contains a wide variety of amino acids, vitamins and high amounts of acemannan, which are complementary to our diet as well as balancing the cholesterol levels in our body.

As method of use, we recommend taking 20 ml in the morning (before breakfast) mixed with a glass of water or juice. Once opened, you must keep refrigerated until the expiration date shown on the container itself.


Benefits of consuming Aloe vera juice

The use of the properties of Aloe vera has usually focused on aesthetics and skin care. However, ingesting the juice of this plant in recommended proportions produces other kinds of beneficial effects for our body.


It provides amino acids, minerals and vitamins

beber-aloe-veraThe considerable presence of amino acids is key to the retention of proteins in our body. In Aloe vera we can find about 20 amino acids, of which 8 of them are vital for the correct functioning of the body. Furthermore, within the properties of this plant we can also find fatty acids that help lower blood lips/fats and relieve indigestion.
Aloe vera also contains vitamins (A, B, C) that our body needs to stay healthy and in good condition. Among the minerals that we can extract from its juice are calcium, iron and magnesium, among others.


Other Aloe benefits

aloe-vera-bebibleConsuming small sips of Aloe vera juice daily, helps to naturally cleanse the digestive tract, helping those who suffer from constipation or the opposite effect (diarrhea). It contains the soothing and regulating substances that our body needs in both those cases, achieving a normal and bacteria free gut flora.

As stated above, Aloe vera indirectly benefits cardiovascular health. Thanks to its main nutrients, it helps lower cholesterol and regulate blood pressure, significantly improving the body’s circulation.

In addition, regular intake of Aloe vera and a low carbohydrate diet may also help lower blood sugar levels. Since this succulent species contains glucomannan: soluble fiber extracted from an Asian tuber. A component that acts as a natural hypoglycemic reducing blood sugar levels remarkably.


BIALOE, our Aloe vera juice


At Atlantia we have juice extracted from filleted leaves of the purest Aloe vera grown in the Canaries. Thanks to our ecological cultivation of the plant and its painstaking production process, we achieve optimum conservation of the active ingredients present in Aloe and simplified in BIALOE.

With a pleasant natural aroma flavour, BIALOE, available on our online store, is considered as a commodity for our natural wellbeing from inside our body.

With a composition rich in vitamins, amino acids, trace elements, enzymes, etc., it is recommended to take 20 ml in the morning before breakfast, mixed with a glass of water or juice. Once opened it must remain in the fridge for optimum conservation.
Still not tried BIALOE Atlantia? Get the product, made with the purest Aloe vera grown in the Canaries and start to take care of yourself from inside the body with BIALOE.