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Rosehip oil burns

Rosehip, the ‘cure all’ of beauty?

There are many brands and companies that have spread the news about the popular Rosehip oil and its benefits for the skin. However, how real are its properties? Stay tuned because from Atlantia we’ll tell you.

Rosa moschata or Rosa Rubiginosa

Cell Regeneration with Aloe and RosehipRosehip oil is a vegetable oil currently used in both conventional medicine and cosmetics. This comes from the seeds of a bush from the rose family (Rosa moschata or Rosa Rubiginosa).

The Rosa moschata or Rosa Rubiginosa is a wild bush with thin branches and full of thorns, whose stems and branches are full of white and pink flowers, enlivening the poor soil of some areas of Patagonia. It can also be found in small areas of Chile and Peru.

When its petals fall, the plant develops a red oval shaped fruit, full of enormous seeds (they make up 70% of its weight), and its from them which oil is extracted, currently seen as one of the most powerful and effective dermal regenerators.

Rosehip properties

Cell RegenerationRose hip oil contains a high concentration of essential fatty acids (linoleic, linolenic and oleic acids) and several antioxidants and vitamins (retinol -vitamin A-, vitamin C, E), making it an imperative object for many companies.

Scientific studies have shown that Rosehip oil has certain benefits against certain ailments, diseases and skin care (healing ability for the treatment of postoperative scars and burns).

A study conducted by the University of Peru, has shown that Rosehip oil contains amounts of trans retinoic or tretinoin acid. It’s known that topical application of all-trans retinoic acid produces changes to the keratinization process. In this same study, the effect on surgical scars was assessed, observing a clear improvement in the condition of the skin, which had acquired elasticity and the colour had substantially improved after 3 months of application.

Rosehip at Atlantia – REGESTIMUL

At Atlantia we have created a product fusing organically cultivated Aloe Vera juice from the Canary Islands, with 100% pure Rosehip oil. Yes, you read it right! REGESTIMUL is our main cellular regeneration product with Aloe Vera and Rosehip. It’s a cream that improves, nourishes and cares for the skin deep. In addition, REGESTIMUL also deeply repairs all kinds of scars and burns.


Watch out! Be careful with scars in summer

After a surgical procedure, our mission is to ensure that the scarring begins to dwindle. However, this gets complicated when tans and long swims in the sea are just around the corner. Summer is a crucial period for the care and treatment of recent scars.

Skin takes some time to recover its natural form. The wound healing process takes around two years. In addition, genetic factors like skin type or the location and extent of the injury itself, are crucial factors for development and healing.

Sun and scars: bad combination

exposición-sol-cicatricesScars from surgical wounds are often more sensitive to the sun. So it’s important to avoid the sun for at least 6 months, as you run the risk of the scar remaining permanently pigmented.

For this reason, it’s recommended that the scarring be continuously covered by high protection sunscreen, among other remedies against radiation in the summer season. Likewise in winter, although we don’t see much sun, ultraviolet rays are also present and act on our skin.

“In and out” bathing

Long baths are not advisable during the first 15 days of healing. Our intention is to mitigate the heat, it’s best to ensure that said bath is as short as possible, because the skin of the wound hasn’t yet acquired its permanent consistency. So lengthening time of contact with water is contraindicated.

Frequent or prolonged immersion lengthens the healing period and alters its appearance, albeit transiently: more pronounced scarring with a more intense colour…

Hydrate nonstop

It’s recommended that the skin always be well hydrated, especially after surgery. At Atlantia we have products made with pure Aloe vera eco grown in the Canary Islands, and that even have 100% pure Rosehip oil of high regenerative capacity; thereby achieving a faster and more effective healing process.

REGESTIMUL: Aloe vera and Rosehip cell regeneration


Cream that thoroughly improves, nourishes, hydrates and cares for the skin. It deeply repairs all types of scars and burns. With 100% Pure Rosehip oil (Rosa rubiginosa), of high regenerative capacity that helps improve skin tone and texture, and ecologically farmed Aloe vera juice of the Canary Islands.

SUPERDEFENSE: Triple action moisturising cream


Rich texture cream formulated with shea butter, Aloe vera and vitamin E. Aloe vera strengthens the skin’s natural defense systems. Shea butter nourishes and repairs the skin. Vitamin E is an effective antioxidant that protects the skin from damage caused by free radicals.

PURE ALOE VERA GEL: Protection and body care


Eco grown pure Aloe vera gel, with no added water for body care. Gel extracted from filleted Aloe vera leaves, eco grown in the Canary Islands. Thanks to ecological farming and the meticulous production process, optimal preservation is achieved of all the active ingredients present in the inner leaf.

Benefits of exercising

It is time to get exercising! Here are the benefits:

Starting regular exercise and quitting smoking are some of the most notorious resolutions in our times. However, it’s not always necessary to wear the “suit of lights” and celebrate new year to start the challenge. Any time is always good to become aware of the importance of leading a healthy life.

Not enough physical activity

Runners-coupleIt’s already an open secret that exercise must be central to our daily lives. Daily activity helps prevent sedentary lifestyles and consequently, diseases such as obesity and all that can come with it (cardiovascular problems, for example).

However, in the EU there doesn’t appear to be sufficient awareness, or at least that’s what data says. Our society is increasingly sedentary: lifestyle changes have caused our level of physical activity to become increasingly less to the point that physical exercise has become a mere matter of leisure.

In young people, this dilemma is further accentuated due to the amount of entertainment devices that keep them sitting for hours on end (game consoles, computers, mobiles…).

Benefits of exercising

As we mentioned at the beginning, a routine of moderate exercise provides many benefits to our body (and mind). Many experts recommend physical activity for 30 minutes a day, at least 4 times a week.

Regular exercise helps blood circulate better through our body, providing important nutrients like oxygen for cellular metabolism. Also, physical activity is an important regulator of blood pressure or glucose levels.

It's recommended physical activity for 30 minutes a day, at least 4 times a week Click To Tweet

In adults, exercise helps slow bone degeneration, preventing osteoporosis. It also reinforces the prevention of cancer, especially colon, breast and prostate cancer.

In addition, on a psychological level, exercise acts as an anti-depressant and improves our mood. It even increases self-esteem for being more in line with both our figure and others.

atlantia-gel-relaxThere are no excuses!

Put your trainers on, dust off that sports outfit and…enjoy! You’ll feel better, have more energy and your body will become slimmer and fitter. The positive effects will soon appear, although here at Atlantia we’re offering a little help: GEL RELAX, Hot-cold Repairing Gel ideal for recuperation from exertion in sport, work and muscle fatigue.

First sun exposures

First Exposures to the Sun and plenty of Aloe Vera

protección-solarIt seems that sandals have started to become the main features in shopwindows; we’re changing the eternal umbrella for flirty sunglasses and light clothing begins to resurface from the bottom of the wardrobe. Spring has arrived and with it comes, the first exposures to the sun.

A first bathe in the sun that can become a double-edged sword to our skin if we don’t take basic and necessary precautionary measures. Especially because the skin, after being unexposed to ultraviolet radiation for some time, it’s more vulnerable to suffering burns.

The desired golden tone can be achieved, but in moderation. For the first exposures to the sun this spring, we recommend using a filter with an index of high or very high protection. Gradually exposing and avoiding the most damaging hours are some of the basic recommendations to avoid sunburns.

Daily Sunscreen

Hydraplus-quemadurasWithin our range of products made with pure Aloe vera, HYDRAPLUS FP 15 features protection against solar radiation. This moisturiser defends the skin from damage produced by the sun’s rays with a unique UVA/UVB sunscreen. At Atlantia, we recommend applying it twice a day, both on the face and neck.

Against Sunburns

In the unfortunate event that, despite following recommendations, sunburns appear, we must stop exposing ourselves to the sun. Also, depending on the type of burn, at Atlantia we have natural products that can relieve them:

AFTERSUN, after-sun soothing milk. Our aftersun is composed of a light and refreshing formula with Canarian Aloe vera. Great soothing and moisturising effect that helps relieve burning and redness of the skin caused by the sun.

gel-puro-quemadurasPURE ALOE VERA GEL eco grown and with no added water. Among its many virtues, the sunburn soothing one stands out. It should be applied to the skin to be treated as many times as necessary, with a gentle massage until completely absorbed.

REGESTIMULregestimul-quemaduras: Cell regeneration with Aloe vera and Rosehip. Cream that nourishes, moisturises and significantly improves all kinds of scars and burns. With 100% pure Rosehip oil (Rosa rubiginosa), high regenerative capacity, along with Aloe vera juice, REGESTIMUL helps improve skin tone and texture.

This spring start tanning yourself, but in moderation. Remember that sunlight is important for the synthesis of vitamin D, which is necessary for our body.

Caution and restraint before the first sun exposure Click To Tweet

However, excess sun exposure can cause sunburn, appearance of age spots or actinic lentigines, and in predisposed individuals, it favors the development of certain skin tumors. In all cases, excess sun exposure accelerates aging of the skin.


Aloe vera juice, an ally of cholesterol?

aloe-vera-bebibleThere are numerous headlines that label Aloe vera as the “miracle or prodigious plant”, among other supernatural adjectives. However, at Atlantia we prefer to disclose information supported by previous and current studies.

Such is the case of the study published in a Mexican chemical engineering magazine: Aloe vera gel: structure, chemical composition, processing, biological activity and importance in the pharmaceutical and food industries, Mexico April 2012.

In this respect, we can say that there is some evidence that contribute to Aloe vera, an important role in lowering levels of LDL (Low Density Lipoproteins) and TG (Triacilglycerides) cholesterol, as it significantly increases the so-called “good cholesterol” or HDL (High Density Lipoprotein). This is mainly due to substances that Aloe vera contains such as amino acids, acemannan, vitamins

What is cholesterol?

Cholesterol is an important fat for the body, since it’s in each and every dormant cell in our body. This fatty substance is made by the liver and used by our cellular system for the construction of membranes and hormone production.

However, having certain high levels of LDL cholesterol is associated with cardiovascular problems, because if there’s an excess of this fat in our blood, it accumulates in the artery walls forming a plaque that gradually begins to narrow (atherosclerosis). The cholesterol known as HDL, has a counteraction, i.e. acts as a purifier, cleaning out the vessel walls.

Aloe gel, administered orally, reduced harmful cholesterol by 61 % in monkeys Click To Tweet

The researchers, Dixit, V.P. and Suresh Joshi (Effect of Aloe Barbadensis and Colfibrate on Serum Lipids in Hyperlipidemia in Presbytis Monkeys, 1983), conducted a study on monkeys where they observed that aloe vera gel, administered orally, reduced harmful cholesterol by 61%, simultaneously increasing the “good cholesterol”.

One of the key findings of the analysis was the fact that there is no single component in Aloe vera that acts in this phenomenon, but rather a collective effect of all substances that are part of its complex chemical composition.

BIALOE, Aloe Vera Juice for Drinking

bialoe-jugo-aloe-para-beberAt Atlantia we have a product made from Aloe vera, eco cultivated in the Canary Islands, and prepared for daily intake: BIALOE. With natural aroma, this Aloe vera juice contains a wide variety of amino acids, vitamins and high amounts of acemannan, which are complementary to our diet as well as balancing the cholesterol levels in our body.

As method of use, we recommend taking 20 ml in the morning (before breakfast) mixed with a glass of water or juice. Once opened, you must keep refrigerated until the expiration date shown on the container itself.


After exercise, also Aloe vera

Gel-aloe-vera-deporteWith the beginning of the so called “new course” after the summer, many people seek new goals and challenges to face. Especially when we talk about physical recovery after the excesses of gatherings with tapas, beers and terraces.

Trainers are no longer part of the back of the wardrobe and sports leggings/tights become our best allies. Padel, zumba, running… activities for all tastes and colours in order to keep fit and healthy; as long as we take care of ourselves before, during and after exercise.

In this regard, if recovering fluids after sport is essential, rehydrating the skin also is. Oils, creams and water are recommended to recover and freshen up after exercise, as well as certain ingredients that help revitalise our muscles.

Such is the case of Aloe vera, which contains:

  • Minerals, amino acids, vitamins (A,B,C) with tissue hydration and regeneration action
  • Harpagofito/Devil’s Claw: Potent anti-inflammatory and analgesic action
  • Camphor: Rubefacient action, antiseptic and slightly analgesic
  • Arnica: Treatment for bruises and muscle aches. Analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Menthol: Analgesic and anesthetic properties. Cooling effect
  • Capsicum extract: Stimulating, rubefacient. Heat effect
Atlantia Gel Relax, a cold-heat gel indicated for erecovery from sport strains Click To Tweet

On our online store of products made with the purest Aloe vera of the Canaries, we have Atlantia Gel Relax. It is a cold-heat gel indicated for erecovery from sport strains, bad posture at work or those who suffer daily muscle fatigue.

atlantia-gel-relaxAtlantia Gel Relax is ideal for feet, joints and tired legs, providing as much coolness as relief around the area applied. This requires treating at least twice a day with a light massage on the tired part of the body. Also, avoid contact with eyes, wounds, mucous membranes and irritated skin.

To care for and pamper the skin of our body (in this case aches and muscle overload), Atlantia Aloe has created a line of treatment based on eco cultivated Canary Aloe vera; free of parabens and perfumes: 100% from ecological farming with 0% added water.

In addition, we also have a lot of varied products for health from within, from our body. You still don’t know Atlantia Aloe products? We are committed to a lifestyle and a natural wellbeing, we are commited to wellness.


Benefits of consuming Aloe vera juice

The use of the properties of Aloe vera has usually focused on aesthetics and skin care. However, ingesting the juice of this plant in recommended proportions produces other kinds of beneficial effects for our body.


It provides amino acids, minerals and vitamins

beber-aloe-veraThe considerable presence of amino acids is key to the retention of proteins in our body. In Aloe vera we can find about 20 amino acids, of which 8 of them are vital for the correct functioning of the body. Furthermore, within the properties of this plant we can also find fatty acids that help lower blood lips/fats and relieve indigestion.
Aloe vera also contains vitamins (A, B, C) that our body needs to stay healthy and in good condition. Among the minerals that we can extract from its juice are calcium, iron and magnesium, among others.


Other Aloe benefits

aloe-vera-bebibleConsuming small sips of Aloe vera juice daily, helps to naturally cleanse the digestive tract, helping those who suffer from constipation or the opposite effect (diarrhea). It contains the soothing and regulating substances that our body needs in both those cases, achieving a normal and bacteria free gut flora.

As stated above, Aloe vera indirectly benefits cardiovascular health. Thanks to its main nutrients, it helps lower cholesterol and regulate blood pressure, significantly improving the body’s circulation.

In addition, regular intake of Aloe vera and a low carbohydrate diet may also help lower blood sugar levels. Since this succulent species contains glucomannan: soluble fiber extracted from an Asian tuber. A component that acts as a natural hypoglycemic reducing blood sugar levels remarkably.


BIALOE, our Aloe vera juice


At Atlantia we have juice extracted from filleted leaves of the purest Aloe vera grown in the Canaries. Thanks to our ecological cultivation of the plant and its painstaking production process, we achieve optimum conservation of the active ingredients present in Aloe and simplified in BIALOE.

With a pleasant natural aroma flavour, BIALOE, available on our online store, is considered as a commodity for our natural wellbeing from inside our body.

With a composition rich in vitamins, amino acids, trace elements, enzymes, etc., it is recommended to take 20 ml in the morning before breakfast, mixed with a glass of water or juice. Once opened it must remain in the fridge for optimum conservation.
Still not tried BIALOE Atlantia? Get the product, made with the purest Aloe vera grown in the Canaries and start to take care of yourself from inside the body with BIALOE.