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Aloe vera, also in male cosmetics

The use of male cosmetics has increased more than ten points in recent years since beauty and skin care has been consolidated in the market regardless of gender.

The main factors of skin aging are age, fatigue, poor nutrition or the absence of physical exercises, but if we talk about the physiological differences between men and female’s skins, we can determine that the thickness, firmness, and Sebaceous secretion are different.

At Atlantia, we offer an exclusive line for men; pure aloe vera products designed for the care of the skin with soothing, moisturizing, and regenerating assets.


Sin-título-1After shaving, the skin tends to lose its moisture and it dries out, causing an aggressive effect and, sometimes, irritation and redness.

For these cases, Atlantia’s Ultra Comfort Aftershave is ideal for cooling and relieve shaved areas, as well as to keep them hydrated. In addition, its minerals-lysine composition produces collagen and helps repair the skin.

On the other hand, we offer Active Energy, a leading product ahead of nature, since it conceives an anti-aging formula, which prevents aging and provides elasticity to the skin (avoids the appearance of a tired and weary face).

As a complement to this routine for facial care, Atlantia offers Acti Energy Eyes, a product that prevents and reduces lines and wrinkles of expression in the contour of the eyes, a very sensitive and, most of the time, forgotten area of the face.


Happy young man with shaving cream foam and white towel having fun. Handsome guy preparing to shave. Skin care and hygiene.

Without a doubt, the use of these pure aloe vera products guarantees a smooth and healthy skin thanks to the properties of the plant, which prevents the signs of apparent fatigue and dull skin.

This set of facial cosmetics is completed with the pure aloe vera gel, which gets the best results to keep the skin healthy and hydrated.

Get your Atlantia’s products in our online store and start to take care of yourself with the best options.


The soothing power of Aloe Vera after shaving

cuidados-del-afeitado-diarioHipster, stubble, goatee, and in all versions! Beards have caused a real boom in male trends in recent years. A hairy boom that has awakened even the sympathy of women.

Nevertheless, the dedication to keep a beard in its ideal form supposes a constant shaving that causes various sequels in the skin near the hair.

Shaving is the beauty routine par excellence of men’s skin. It is an epidermis that clearly distinguishes itself from women’s skin due to its superior thickness (24%), a considerable segregation of the hydrolipofic, lasting film, as well as a greater degree of elasticity and firmness.

Frequent shaving involves constant stress that damages the outer layer of the skin. This causes its vulnerability against external agents, like cold, sun, or air. Therefore, men need facial care that helps them to regenerate and heal the skin, whether before or after shaving.

Before the Blade

The most faithful and careful men know the importance of a proper preparation of the beard before shaving. Warm water helps to soften the area’s hair, opening the pores. Especially when it comes to those of the famous subculture of young (and not so young) bohemians: the hipsters

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In this sense, the essential eucalyptus or menthol oils and the exfoliation could be an alternative to grooming the most unmanageable beards, goatee, and mustaches.

Male Skin Recovery

aftershave-con-aloe-veraWe have reached the tipping point of men’s beauty routine. That is that the recovery of the skin after shaving should be more precise than the preparation of it. The aftershaves with alcohol, or any other product with a high content of perfume, could be harmful to the skin, causing any unwanted reaction.

Aloe Vera becomes the best ally for the recovery of male skin after shaving. Thanks to the combination of a set of natural properties, the gel of the plant becomes a powerful moisturizer, regenerating and soothing the epidermis.

At Atlantia, we have the Ultra Comfort gel of the Line Man made with the purest Aloe Vera, which soothes and calms the skin after shaving. It is a gel with a soft and refreshing texture, of easy absorption, and paraben-free that leave the skin hydrated and relaxed.


Skin care for men with Aloe Vera

cream-manWorries about beauty and daily care are “unisex”, and since quite a few years ago men have learnt to see beyond shaving foam. More and more are concerned about the appearance of their skin and look for solutions.

Just one generation has been sufficient enough for the percentage of men who use beauty products to rise from 4% in 1990 to 50% today.

Bad habits, stress and poor diet are some of the factors that cause premature aging of the skin. Also, according to various studies, sleep deprivation among the population is higher in the male sector. One of the most harmful causes to skin that shows obvious signs of fatigue and an ‘off’ skin tone.

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A men skin is distinguished from the female by having a greater thickness, secreting more fat and is more elastic and firm. However, although a man possesses a stronger dermis than a woman, this doesn’t mean that he shouldn’t care for it. His skin may age later on in life, but it happens very suddenly.


In addition, shaving daily is a constant stress that damages the outer layer of the epidermis. This causes dehydration and lack of skin protection against various external agents (cold, wind, sun…).

Products with pure Aloe vera fight these external agents, favoring a smooth texture and refreshing face thanks to the minerals, amino acids, and hydrating and tissue regenerating vitamins (A, B, C). Also posses astringent and bacterial propertieseco and, even, clinical studies show that twice daily application of Aloe vera reduces eye bags by 65%!