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Aloe vera for men’s skin

Aloe vera is the essential ingredient for men’s skin, as not only are its properties perfect for the skin’s daily needs, it’s also super easy to use.

Men’s skin is nothing like women’s skin: it’s 24% thicker and oilier since it has more sebaceous glands. It’s also firmer and suppler, as it’s richer in collagen and elastin, the skin’s support proteins, which fortunately means it ages later (albeit more suddenly). Added to this, daily shaving and the potential irritation it can cause. Enter Aloe vera for men’s skin: a natural moisturiser with many properties, perfect for those wanting a simple but effective skincare routine.

How Aloe vera benefits men’s skin

aloe veraThe products in Atlantia’s men’s skincare line are specially designed to effectively meet the specific needs of men’s skin. Daily shaving causes constant stress and damages the outermost layer of the epidermis, leaving the skin exposed to various external agents (cold, air, sun, pollution, etc.). So, although it’s oilier than women’s skin, it’s not immune to dehydration.

Using dermocosmetics with pure Aloe vera for men’s skin helps to combat these concerns, thanks to the ingredient’s minerals, amino acids and vitamins (A, B and C), which moisturise and regenerate the skin.

Your perfect allies

The Aloe vera men’s line has three basic products for daily use. 

Ultra-Comfort Aftershave: Gel with a smooth and refreshing texture that’s easily absorbed and leaves the skin feeling moisturised and soothed.

Active Energy Anti-Ageing Treatment: Prevents premature ageing. Provides nutrients and moisturising active ingredients that stimulate the regenerative capacity of skin cells.

Active Energy Eye Cream: Applied twice a day, this product reduces puffiness by 65% after 28 days.