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Discover the types of people that the confinement has bring out

It has been a few weeks since the confinement was announced, and our habits and pastimes has become more creative. It’s already been many days at home and a lot of Netflix binge.

It isn’t strange, then, that some new behaviours have appeared, and we can easily divide them in the following types. Do you identify yourself in any?

What type of person are you during the confinement?

1- The Gourmet:

These are the ones that during the confinement they’ve discovered their passion for cooking.  On top of watching all the tutorials and recipes on Youtube, they have finished the whole supply of flour and sugar of the supermarket. You can recognise them  for their brand-new cooking blog or for going around all day with the trousers unbuttoned. 

2- The athletes:

They have never been to a gym and they have decided to wear the sneakers for the first time at home.

Between them are the body-builders who have trained their muscles with water bottles or any other heavy containers available on the pantry.

But, without any doubt, the exercise with more followers has been yoga: parents, children, grandparents ands pets have done funny Asanas and the dawn dog like gurus.

3-  The ones that during the confinement don’t disconnect from work:

In this group, you’ll find those who are working at home, and you’ll recognise them for their diet based on wifi and for their skin tone they are getting from the computer screen. According to them, times passes faster and they even work much more that before the quarantine.

4- The artists.

Those are divided in two subgroups: the ones that were already artists and the ones that have discovered they are one during the confinement. The first group have been painting, drawing, decorating and sewing… and the other half have been devoted to make memes and funny videos to make us laugh every time we open WhatsApp.

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Actually, it doesn’t mater in which group you are, the most important is that during the confinement you have devote some time to do what you love and have discovered new hobbies.

It consists in taking care of oneself to be able to take care of others. Discover that a smile and good humor are the real helpers with surpassing  this crisis.

Keep taking care of yourself and Atlantia will take care of the rest….

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