Is Atlantia’s Aloe as effective as Aloe applied directly from the plant?

Is Atlantia’s Aloe as effective as Aloe applied directly from the plant?

Many people who have Aloe Vera plants at home use the pulp by cutting the leaf and applying directly to their skin. We are often asked if an Aloe cosmetic formula has the same properties. And our response is that it depends on both the cosmetic formula as well as the leaf of the plant in question. 

The pure Aloe gel from Atlantia is formulated from the leaves of a plant that is between 4 or 5 years old, organically cultivated on the Canary Islands. The Canary Islands provide the perfect conditions to grow them, which allows the optimum concentration of the plant’s active ingredients. Once the plant is harvested, our pure gel is stored and cold stabilised to preserve its properties, but really it does not take long until it is processed.


In doing so we make our product have 96% fresh Aloe pulp, and not from powder or concentrate (which loses a lot of the plant’s original properties in the preparation process). This way, a formula is made with benefits that are very similar to those of Aloe applied directly from the plant leaf pulp.


Of course, the result is not comparable if we are talking about creams containing Aloe. The explanation is simple: these types of products contain more ingredients to provide other benefits, such as cosmeticity, texture, scent… and to also necessarily formulate the cream texture. In exchange, the Aloe it contains will be obviously lower. Despite of this, our creams maintain Aloes’ original quality, as the ingredient is pure and not from powder, and it is not subjected to heat and aggressive treatments during the elaboration process, a usual practice within the cosmetic industry, which results in the loss of its valuable properties.



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