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Aloe for atopic dermatitis

Pure Aloe vera, such as Atlantia Aloe, is highly regenerating and soothing, as well as having antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, using Aloe for atopic skin is a very effective solution.

Aloe for atopic dermatitis

Dry, itchy skin; the appearance of eczema, with redness and flaking… These are just some of the symptoms of this inflammatory skin disease. Although it particularly affects children, adults also suffer and in reality, it can flare up at any time of life, being a chronic condition. But we have good news: it can be kept at bay. Aloe for atopic dermatitis is a very simple and effective solution for treating the symptoms.

How do you use aloe for atopic dermatitis?

To start, we’ll tell you that it’s important that only 100% pure, cold-stabilised Aloe vera of the highest quality is used, as is the case with Atlantia. That’s the only way you’ll ensure its effectiveness and be able to achieve the results you want; you won’t get that with Aloe from extracts or concentrates. 

Atopic dermatitis is an immunological disease which, although not serious for the patient, can greatly affect their quality of life. Itching, the appearance of dandruff plaques on the scalp, and skin redness are nobody’s idea of a good time. Using Aloe for atopic dermatitis is very simple with Atlantia.

Our products

  • Atlantia Pure Gel with 96% pure Aloe vera is extracted directly from the leaves of the plant, crushed and cold stored. As it doesn’t come from extracts or concentrates, it therefore keeps all its properties and is highly effective at soothing irritated skin.
  • Another anti-irritation formula is Superdefense, a highly emollient and restorative multifunctional cream.
  • Aloe vera shampoo respects the skin pH and has a moisturising and regenerating action, making it perfect for an irritated scalp.

Using Aloe for atopic dermatitis is a perfect natural solution for this skin condition.

How do you use aloe for atopic dermatitis?