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Aloe for sunspots

In the summer we spend more time outdoors. In terraces, pools, beaches or the country, we are more exposed to the sun than at other times of the year.

Aloe for sunspots

This leads to an increase in cases of hyperpigmentation in this season. Aloe is a natural and effective solution for the problem of sunspots, which are very common after the holidays. 

In fact, hyperpigmentation can have very different causes. Although exposure to sun can be one of the most important, there are other agents that stimulate melanin.

Among the most common are ageing and genetics. But also hormonal changes (pregnancy, menopause). In addition to other causes like acne, which leaves marks and small scars. Sunspots may also be due to certain medications or vitamin deficiencies.

How does aloe act on sunspots?

As we were saying, we have a highly efficient solution to treat hyperpigmentation. If you’ve come back from the seaside with a couple of sunspots on your face, you should know that Aloe is effective for sunspots for its ability to even out skin tone.

The action of Aloe on sunspots is based on the properties contained in the juice from the plant’s leaves, which inhibit the enzyme responsible for producing melanin.

Atlantia products are especially useful because they are formulated with pure Aloe vera extracted directly from the leaves of the plant. They are placed in cold storage in steel tanks and are packaged quickly to preserve their properties and freshness. But, furthermore, creams like Regestimul are specially indicated for this problem. In this case, it has the capacity to improve scars and fade sunspots. This is made possible not only by Aloe vera, which contributes to the regeneration and evening of skin tone, but thanks to the combined action of cold-pressed rosehip, which is a powerful cell regenerator.

In fact, this formula has even been tested for the treatment of post-surgical scars in patients with breast cancer. It has shown efficacy for increased hydration and elasticity of the skin of the breasts. Also in the improvement of tone and aspect of the scars.

How does aloe act on sunspots?