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Aloe vera to relieve sunburns

Summer ends, but we must not forget that exposure to solar radiation continues through all seasons. Pronounced facial tan lines from sunglasses, shoulder redness from prolonged exposure… We are talking about burns that produce wrinkles, blemishes, and even more serious harmful consequences.

Aloe vera to relieve sunburns

In this regard, we should bear in mind that although in summer ultraviolet B (UVB) radiation is predominant; in winter UVB decreases in favour of ultraviolet A (UVA), main causes of aging skin. A type of ultraviolet rays that also damages cellular DNA, contributing to the development of skin cancer.

This is why at Atlantia Aloe, we emphasise the benefits of the Aloe vera plant, referring to its healing and soothing properties of the skin. Especially when we are talking about a pure Aloe vera eco grown in the Canary Islands, from its extraction to the consumer.

Aloe vera, an ally of the skin

Sunburns cause infammation of the skin as a result of excessive sun exposure, regardless of the season. Sunbathing excessively leads to the destruction of outer layer cells of the dermis, damaging the underlying capillaries.

The hydrating and cell regenerating power of Aloe vera, with its composition rich in vitamins, amino acids, trace elements or enzymes, among others, acts as an effective and natural sunburn soother.

Aloe vera, an ally of the skin

Pure aloe vera gel

In our batch of products made with pure Aloe of the Canaries, we have pure and eco grown Aloe vera Gel, without added water. It’s a gel extracted from filleted leaves that, thanks to ecological cultivation, preserves all the active ingredients of the plant.

Pure Aloe vera Gel is ideal for applying to sunburns in order to alleviate burning and pain from harmful sun rays. It is therefore to be applied as many times as necessary on the affected area with a gentle massage until completely absorbed.

If you want to know what all the benefits that aloe vera brings to your body, click on this interesting article from Health Ambition  “The benefits of aloe vera”, where you can find everything you are looking for on this beneficial plant.

Pure aloe vera gel