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Perfect and hydrated hands also in the winter!

A smile… and a handshake. In many cases, our hands are our best introduction to others and, without knowing it, they speak a lot about us. Therefore, keeping them healthy and taking care of them is essential, not only for our image and aesthetics but also—and above all—to feel good about ourselves.

Perfect and hydrated hands also in the winter!

Hydration, a fundamental part

Having perfect hands is not always easy. The truth is that, because they are always exposed, they are one of the most sensitive parts of our body and the more exposed to changes in temperature, so it is common that, in the winter, they tend to become more red and cracked. In addition, not only the cold but also the effect of the heating or daily tasks (they are constantly working!), end up making a dent in them and cause them to lose some of their smoothness. The most common effect in our hands is the loss of elasticity, because of dehydration, so it is essential to hydrate them so that the skin remains flexible.

Furthermore, like the hands, the nails are also constantly exposed to the aggressions of the environment, so they are more vulnerable to suffer alterations that make them weak and brittle. The Onychomycosis (a superficial infection of the nails that causes scaling and color changes) or the unsightly hangnails (small pieces of skin that arise around the nail because of the peeling) are just some of the discomforts that can arise if not carry out some minimal care.

Therefore, it is necessary that you take care of your hands and keep them hydrated… following these tips that we bring to you!

Hydration, a fundamental part

Keeping your hands protected

– Watch out for the sinks. Hot water and detergents or soaps damage the hydrolipidic film that protects the skin of the hands, leaving them dry and unprotected; it is important that you always wear gloves when you carry out some work of this type.

– Dry them well. Hygiene is essential to show healthy and beautiful hands, but just as important to wash them is to dry them afterward with a towel, as humidity promotes the development of bacteria.

– Protect them from low temperatures. Especially on colder days, do not go outside without your gloves.

Aloe vera hand cream

Along with the advice, we have just given to you, you should not forget this vital step: hydrate your hands with Aloe Vera to repair, nourish, and restore the protective film of the skin.

At Atlantia we have our HAND AND NAILS CREAM, formulated with Aloe Vera from the Canary Islands, for the treatment of dry and cracked hands. A cream that, in addition to providing the moisturizing and regenerating action of Aloe Vera, provides a protective film on the skin that shields it from water and other agents. The trick? When you apply it, start with a good massage on the tips of the fingers and ends on the forearms… this will favor the absorption of the cream and will revive the circulation in your hands!

Now you know: this winter, Atlantia’s pure Aloe Vera will lend you a hand!

Aloe vera hand cream