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Regilub, the effective solution for vaginal dryness. Regain your intimate well-being!

Vaginal Dryness

Statistically, 2 in every 10 women suffer from vaginal dryness and the majority don't know what to do to tackle it. It's a particularly uncomfortable problem, but one that's easy to solve. Are you one of those women? Don't worry: today, we're presenting a cream that tackles female intimate dryness to help you regain your well-being. One that acts as the best remedy when it comes to a healthy intimate life.

Why is female intimate dryness a common problem?

Vaginal dryness is a rather frequent issue owing to several factors that can reduce production of the vagina's natural lubrication, which can cause different kinds of discomfort and affect a woman's sex life. Some examples are:

  • Ageing
  • Hormone changes
  • Use of certain drugs
  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiotherapy in the pelvic area
  • Surgery to remove the ovaries 
  • Stress
  • Smoking
  • Alcoholism
  • Chronic diseases
  • After giving birth and when breastfeeding
  • Soaps, gels, lotions and showers that are incompatible with the vaginal flora  

Furthermore, a lack of communication with one's partner or ignorance about the subject can mean many women never seek help or an appropriate treatment. It's important to talk to a health professional to identify and treat the underlying causes of vaginal dryness and improve the quality of your intimate life.


Symptoms of vaginal dryness

When the vagina's tissues lack sufficient lubrication or are in poor health, problematic vaginal dryness occurs. When oestrogen levels drop, lubrication does too, leading to discomfort in the form of itching, pain, irritation and swelling in the vulvar area.

How is dryness treated?

Some home remedies or natural methods are a good way to keep the vagina hydrated and lubricated. In addition, when the vulva dries out easily, it may be treated with ovules, creams and other kinds of medication designed to prevent vaginal dryness.

Similarly, the best thing to do is seek advice from a specialist (gynaecologist) who will recommend a suitable treatment with individualised doses that vary depending on the severity or effect.

Key ingredients in creams for vaginal dryness

Vaginal dryness is unpleasant, but luckily it can be improved or banished thanks to intimate creams for topical use that provide the necessary hydration to ensure diseases and complications do not develop in this feminine area.

Some star ingredients for improving the intimate area are natural oils (argan and sesame), hyaluronic acid, and the extract from some plants, like the sallow thorn and mallow.

Hyaluronic acid ensures the area remains lubricated and soothed against itching and stinging, while other highly powerful and hydrating plants like aloe vera also help. The cold effect in the treated area ensures vulvar inflammation reduces and the body can slowly regenerate its usual cycle.

Vaginal Dryness

Regilub: the effective solution for female intimate dryness

More often than not, a loss of natural lubrication cannot be controlled. For this reason, a solution that restores your vaginal flora (and with it, your intimate life) is crucial.

To ensure good vulvar health, Atlantia presents a lubricant for vaginal dryness and the inner and outer lips in a gel-cream format: Regilub.

It has a natural and hypoallergenic formula, meaning the vagina and the rest of the vulva will be protected, thereby preventing irritation and other alterations that endanger this delicate area's health. It can also effectively treat yeast infections caused by candidiasis.

How to use Regilub

The effects of the Regilub cream are notable from its first use. It can be applied both internally and externally since it cares for and hydrates the vaginal mucosa, restoring the health the area needs to avoid itching and stinging.

Ideally, the gel should be applied twice daily (once in the morning and once at night) after washing and drying the area. However, your doctor's instructions should always be followed.

Why choose Regilub as a solution for vaginal dryness?

Our customers' opinions are very positive because, thanks to the powerful natural action of its main ingredients, they've been able to recover the right level of hydration in their intimate area, which allows them to lead a completely normal, satisfactory life.

It contains 100% pure rosehip oil, which has the ability to regenerate the damaged area, thus improving the texture of the skin and the mucosa. Furthermore, pure and organic aloe vera from the Canary Islands acts as a calming agent, helping the vulvar area to recover its natural hydration.

Advice for preventing female intimate dryness

Don't wait until you're feeling uncomfortable or irritated before you take action. Here are some key tips that will help you to prevent vaginal dryness:

Healthy, balanced diet

Diet is essential when caring for our bodies, and it can have a positive or negative effect on the female reproduction system. Eating well and healthily forms a part of your intimate health.

Cotton underwear

Fabrics are important. Cotton and natural fabrics are essential to preventing vaginal infections and issues. Similarly, avoid wearing very tight clothing as this can cause the vulva to lose vaginal flora and the necessary hydration.

Using pantyliners

Pantyliners are an incredibly useful female hygiene product in cases of excess discharge or small losses of urine, but they must be disposed of before they can start to be harmful and cause infections

Daily hygiene

Always choose special hydrating soaps with a specific (acidic) pH for your intimate area that respects the properties of vaginal discharge as a protective and regulating barrier. In any case, using only warm water is an excellent option.

Creams and lubricants

The menopause and other hormonal changes mean women often suffer itching and stinging in the genital area. To address this, you should have a calming and hydrating cream or lubricants on hand. These solutions will restore the correct lubrication in this area, which is exactly what Regilub does.

Remember that caring for your intimate area will not only improve your sex life, but it will also improve your daily life.