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The best Aleo Vera is found in the Canary Islands

Here in Atlantia we are celebrating: May 30th is the Day of the Canary Islands, our beloved and precious land where our aloe vera is born and nourished.

The best Aloe Vera is found in the Canary Islands

And since we couldn’t be more proud of it, we thought that the best way to celebrate it is to share with you the uniqueness of Canarian aloe vera so that you can better understand its properties and learn a little more about our roots.

We will start by telling you that the climate of the Canary Islands is known to be the perfect for the farming of the purest aloe vera, given its soil conditions, its volcanic soil, the trade winds and the hours of sunshine, among other factors that provides, in a natural way,  a large amount of active ingredients and minerals to each leaf of our aloe.

This uniqueness enhances its benefits compared to aloe grown in other regions, in which certain factors, such as cold and excess water, deteriorate crops or do not allow the growth of its leaves to their full potential.

Why the best aloe vera is grown in the canary islands?

Its full name is Aloe Barbadensis Miller and it is originally from the North and East Africa, although it has spread throughout all subtropical regions. It grows naturally on our islands, mainly in Lanzarote, Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria. 

We are the main region in Europe in the production of aloe vera because of the uniqueness of the archipelago’s crops, specially for its extra supply of minerals given by the volcanic soil in which they grow.


And for the curious and lovers of history …

Despite the fact that its origin is from ancient Arabia, the link between aloe and the Canary Islands already appeared in ancient documents prior to the Conquest. In Egyptian writings such as the Eberts papyrus from 1500 BC, Greeks, Arabs and even the Bible speak of our aloe as a health and beauty secret, being part of the islands’ history. Even Christopher Columbus, in his navigation books, pointed out that he took a considerable number of aloe vera plants with him from the islands, after checking their healing properties for sunburn and their usefulness during long journeys by sea to treat the needs of its crew. 

Regarding the Aloe vera that we use in Atlantia, it comes from “organic farming”, a name granted by the C.R.A.E. (Consejo Regulador de Agricultura Ecológica – Regulatory Council of Ecological Agriculture). This aloe 100% organic is not transgenic and neither synthetic fertilisers, pesticides nor fungicides have been used in its farming.

The leaves are collected when the plant is 4 to 5 years old, when it has reached the optimum size so that all the substances the plant has are in the right quantities.

Among the many properties of our aloe are, we find the following:

  • Acemannan, one of the most important active principles. Activates the entire metabolism, regulates the intestine and regenerates the intestinal flora. Strengthens the immune system and has an anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Enzymes, which support the immune system, the digestion, the absorption of food nutrients and protect us against free radicals.
  • Amino acids. There are 8 essential amino acids that the body cannot make. Aloe vera has 7 of those 8.
  • Vitamins.
  • Minerals and trace elements.
  • Fatty acids, with an anti-inflammatory effects.

From Atlantia, we’d like to recommend you some of our wonderful products, made with all the love in the world to pamper you on the outside and inside.

Starting with two essentials where aloe juice is the main protagonist given its high concentration in them:

Why the best aloe vera is grown in the canary islands?
  • Pure Aloe Vera gel. Organically grown and with 96% pure aloe vera juice extracted directly from the plant leaves. It’s indicated for the integral care of the skin, with moisturising and soothing capacity, as it helps cell regeneration. It can be used as a serum, before applying moisturiser. Repairs damaged skin, fights acne and cleanses the skin.
  • Bialoe, aloe vera to drink. A pure organic Aloe vera juice, extracted from the leaves of the plant, with a multitude of properties, indicated to strengthen the immune system and stimulate the bacterial flora. Contains 99.17% cold stabilised aloe vera juice.

We also wanted to include the perfect trio of facial creams to give the vitality and hydration that our face needs:

  • Superdefense. An emollient, moisturising and repairing formula for face and body. Perfect for all skin types, without oily texture. It deeply soothes and nourishes the skin, as it’s enriched with shea butter and avocado oil, rich in essential fatty acids, as well as vitamin E with antioxidant action.
  • Regenerage. This aloe vera anti-aging cream acts against multiple aggressions that accelerate ageing, such as pollution, stress or the sun, while helping to combat wrinkles and improve expression lines. In addition to the aloe vera, it contains alpha hydroxy acids, avocado oil, shea butter, and glycolic acid.
  • Hydradetox FP15. This aloe vera facial cream with a protection factor against UVB and UVA radiation, the main causes of skin photo-aging, intensely hydrates and repairs the skin, while helping to detoxify it from the harmful effects of environmental pollution and improve the luminosity of the skin.

And finally, as we know that by mentioning only these five we have fallen short, we suggest you take a look at the rest of our products rich in aloe vera from the Canary Islands and let yourself receive all the love in the world directly from the islands.

Long live to the Canary Islands and the Aloe Vera!