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Watch out! Be careful with scars in summer

After a surgical procedure, our mission is to ensure that the scarring begins to dwindle. However, this gets complicated when tans and long swims in the sea are just around the corner. Summer is a crucial period for the care and treatment of recent scars.

Watch out! Be careful with scars in summer

Skin takes some time to recover its natural form. The wound healing process takes around two years. In addition, genetic factors like skin type or the location and extent of the injury itself, are crucial factors for development and healing.

Sun and scars: bad combination

Scars from surgical wounds are often more sensitive to the sun. So it’s important to avoid the sun for at least 6 months, as you run the risk of the scar remaining permanently pigmented.

For this reason, it’s recommended that the scarring be continuously covered by high protection sunscreen, among other remedies against radiation in the summer season. Likewise in winter, although we don’t see much sun, ultraviolet rays are also present and act on our skin.

Sun and scars: bad combination

"In and out" bathing

Long baths are not advisable during the first 15 days of healing. Our intention is to mitigate the heat, it’s best to ensure that said bath is as short as possible, because the skin of the wound hasn’t yet acquired its permanent consistency. So lengthening time of contact with water is contraindicated.

Frequent or prolonged immersion lengthens the healing period and alters its appearance, albeit transiently: more pronounced scarring with a more intense colour…

Hydrate nonstop

It’s recommended that the skin always be well hydrated, especially after surgery. At Atlantia we have products made with pure Aloe vera eco grown in the Canary Islands, and that even have 100% pure Rosehip oil of high regenerative capacity; thereby achieving a faster and more effective healing process.

Regestimul: aloe vera and rosehip cell regeneration


Cream that thoroughly improves, nourishes, hydrates and cares for the skin. It deeply repairs all types of scars and burns. With 100% Pure Rosehip oil (Rosa rubiginosa), of high regenerative capacity that helps improve skin tone and texture, and ecologically farmed Aloe vera juice of the Canary Islands.

Superdefense: triple action moisturising cream


Rich texture cream formulated with shea butter, Aloe vera and vitamin E. Aloe vera strengthens the skin’s natural defense systems. Shea butter nourishes and repairs the skin. Vitamin E is an effective antioxidant that protects the skin from damage caused by free radicals.

Pure aloe vera gel: protection and body care

Pure aloe vera gel

Eco grown pure Aloe vera gel, with no added water for body care. Gel extracted from filleted Aloe vera leaves, eco grown in the Canary Islands. Thanks to ecological farming and the meticulous production process, optimal preservation is achieved of all the active ingredients present in the inner leaf.