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Why we are unconditionally in love with Aloe Vera?

Our grandparents already told us: Aloe Vera can be used for everything!

Why we are unconditionally in love with Aloe Vera?

Since a long time ago, Aloe leaves have been the perfect ally for the big amount of benefits they offer to the skin.

That’s why, nowadays, it’s not strange that this plant is the main ingredient in most natural cosmetics, and that is also used as food supplement like the ones from Atlantia.

Canary islands, the perfect place for aloe vera farming

The soil where Atlantia grows, the Canary Islands, have the best conditions to grow high quality aloe, strengthening its benefits. The volcanic soil, the trade winds, the climate and the sunlight hours, among many other factors, encourage the natural production of many actives substances and minerals in every leave of our Aloe Vera.

What type of aloe do we use?

Even though there are more than 400 varieties of aloe, the Aloe Barbadensis Miller (the true aloe), also known as Barbados Aloe, is the one being cultivated in the Canary Islands and the one used for the elaboration of our pure Aloe vera juice.

It’s a juicy plant, original from the north-east part of Africa that has spread out to every subtropical area.

How is aloe vera used and for what?

The Aloe Vera can be directly applied to the skin as it has great cellular regeneration, moisturising, healing, bactericide and antiseptic properties. In that way, it’s highly effective on wounds, scars, acne, insect bites, irritations, burns and lack of hydration.

Moreover, after some clinical testings, the Atlantia products are prescribed and recommended in many Spanish hospitals. They are used to protect, regenerate and calm the skin of oncology patients who receive quemo and radiation therapy.

Among other products, these are highly recommended:

  • Regestimul: an Atlantia product elaborated with Aloe Vera and Rose Mosqueta Oil, which has also been proved to provide excellent results healing breast cancer surgery scars.
  • We can drink Aloe with Bialoethe juice from 100% pure ecological aloe vera leaves has exceptional nutritive properties for the care and stability of our organism: it boost our inmune system and the production of our bacterial flora, prevents heartburns, and it also has natural anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.
  • Moreover, Bialoe has been approved by clinical trials to help improve patients undergoing aggressive treatments such as chemoradiation therapy. As a nutritional supplement, we can take 20ml every morning before breakfast, mixed with water or juice and, because of its light pineapple flavour, it taste well either way.

Remember that not all Aloe have the same quality. That’s why  from Atlantia, we want to help you identify the pure Aloe form one that it isn’t. Have a look at our post “How to distinguish a pure Aloe Vera from one that it isn’t” and discover how to do it.

How is aloe vera used and for what?