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World Environment Day and Sustainability with Atlantia

Atlantia's commitment to the environment

At Atlantia, we are very committed to sustainability because we believe in the importance of taking care of our planet. World Environment Day is an excellent opportunity to reflect on our practices and celebrate our achievements in this field.

That's why we want to do a little recap and share our sustainable philosophy and how we apply it with you. We also have a special promotion for June 5th on two of our most eco-friendly products. Don't miss it!

What is World Environment Day?

Did you know that World Environment Day has been celebrated every June 5th since 1974? It was established by the United Nations General Assembly to promote awareness and global action for the ecosystem and the planet.

On this day, events and activities are held around the world, such as cleanup campaigns, tree planting, and conferences to highlight the importance of protecting our planet and promoting sustainable development.

Environment Day

Atlantia's Sustainable Philosophy and Practices

At Atlantia, we understand that sustainable practices are essential to preserve the natural environment and quality of life, particularly on our beloved Canary Islands, but of course, in any other region as well. To that end, we have adopted certain measures that allow us to optimize our production systems to be more sustainable, and we have six years of continuous improvement:

  1. Raw Materials and Local Resources Pure Aloe Vera, our main raw material present in all our products, comes from organic farms in the Canary Islands. This choice reinforces our commitment to sustainability and minimizes our environmental impact, while enhancing the healing properties of the plant. Additionally, we use Aloe Vera residues to produce compost, applying circular economy principles that benefit our local environment.
  2. Modification of Packaging and Containers of Our Products We have made significant changes to our packaging to reduce the use of plastics. We have opted for glass containers and wooden lids, and much of the plastic we still use is recycled and recyclable. Furthermore, we have reduced the number of cardboard boxes per unit and selected materials from sustainable sources or sugarcane residues for the production of our boxes.
  3. More Sustainable Production We have implemented ethical management in production, using fully renewable energy in our factory and offices. Our fleet is completely electric, and even the cleaning products are certified eco-friendly, contributing to an environmentally friendly production process.
  4. Respect for the Canary Islands Ecosystem We strive to preserve the unique biodiversity of the Canary Islands. By working closely with local suppliers, we optimize resources and reduce waste, resulting in a positive impact on the Canary Islands ecosystem.

Caring for the Present with an Eye on the Future At Atlantia, sustainability is at the core of our business philosophy. We value the ethical origin and efficacy of Canary Aloe Vera, and we maintain a commitment to quality and environmental respect in every step we take. Our sustainable approach has allowed us to obtain the ISO 14.001:2015 certification from AENOR, which reaffirms our dedication to responsible environmental management and strengthens our relationship with the Canary community, partnering in the conservation of its rich natural and cultural heritage.

Atlantialoe products

Skincare Day and Night Pack - Limited Promotion!

To celebrate World Environment Day, we offer a special promotion with the SKINCARE DAY AND NIGHT PACK, consisting of two of our most sustainable products (at the price of one) for the care and well-being of your skin: the Regenerage Night Cream and the Hydradetox Day Cream.

Hydradetox For daily facial care, we present our Hydradetox Cream at a price of only €22.4. It is designed to detoxify and deeply hydrate the skin. Thanks to its carefully selected composition, it eliminates toxins and provides long-lasting deep hydration, ideal for skin exposed to pollution and daily stress. In addition to its benefits, it stands out for its sustainability: it comes in a glass container with a wooden lid, and its box is made from sugarcane residue.

Regenerage The Regenerage Cream, also at an irresistible price of €22.4, is formulated with a combination of ingredients such as pure Canary Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, Glycolic Acid, among others, which help regenerate the skin and combat signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines. Its daily application as a night cream revitalizes and nourishes while you sleep, improving the elasticity and firmness of the skin. Like the Hydradetox Cream, it occupies a recognized place on World Environment Day for its sustainable presentation: glass container, wooden lid, and cardboard box made from sugarcane residue. These products reflect our efforts and dedication for a healthier and better world.

Hydradetox and Regenerage Creams Pack

The Impact of Our Products on the Environment

Waste reduction and carbon footprint are priorities at Atlantia. By choosing glass containers and recycled materials, we contribute directly to reducing plastic waste. These decisions not only benefit the ecosystem but also help raise awareness among our customers about the importance of choosing products with this vision, as they support and promote a long-term collective wellness movement.

So we invite you to celebrate World Environment Day with us by taking advantage of Atlantia's special promotion. Together, we can make a positive difference for our planet. Learn more about our beauty and health products and our sustainability philosophy by visiting our website. We look forward to welcoming you!