Canarian Aloe Vera

Aloe vera cultivated in the Canaries

Cultivation Aloe vera Atlantia

The Canary Islands meet a number of unique conditions to cultivate a high quality Aloe vera. The archipelago has become the leading European region in cultivation and production of Aloe vera.

There are over 400 varieties of aloe, however, the Aloe Barbadensis Miller (Aloe vera, true aloe), also known as Sabila or Barbados Aloe is grown in the Canary Islands and used for the production of our pure Aloe vera juice. This, native to northern and eastern Africa, succulent plant has spread throughout the subtropical regions.

Cultivated in ideal conditions

Aloe vera requires plenty of sunlight, a warm, dry and windy environment. In contrast, the greatest enemies of Aloe vera are excess water and low temperatures (less than 10 ºC). The climate of the southern part of the Canary Islands fulfill all these conditions: long hours of sunshine throughout the year, stable temperatures, very little rainfall and the constant trade winds.

This exceptional climate, along with the volcanic soil of the islands, very porous and with lots of minerals, makes the archipelago one of the best sites for growing Aloe vera.

These favorable conditions allow the plant to fully develop its potential. Thus, scientific studies have highlighted that aloe grown in the Canary Islands has a higher concentration of active components than grown in other regions.

Canary Aloe has a lot of acemannan or aloverosa (> 1700 mg / l), a type of sugar with multiple beneficial effects.

Atlantia uses the best organic Aloe

In the manufacturing of our products we use pure Aloe vera juice extracted directly from the leaves of the plant, not from concentrate. This ensures that the properties of aloe are not altered in the manufacturing process, resulting in a final product 100% natural.

The gel is removed by hand from each of the Aloe vera leaves harvested in the Canaries. Thanks to the organic farming method, the meticulous extraction of freshly cut leaves performed by hand, and delicate production process, there is an optimal conservation of the properties and active ingredients of the plant.

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