Our Aloe

Eco-cultivated Aloe vera

Eco cultivated

The Aloe vera used by Atlantia is "organically grown", name awarded by the C.R.A.E.. This Aloe This Aloe vera is one hundred percent organic, not transgenic, and in its cultivation synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and fungicides were not used.

100% pure Aloe vera

100% Aloe

In the manufacturing of our products we use pure Aloe vera juice extracted directly from the leaves of the plant, not from concentrate. Also, it is cold stabilised: this ensures that the properties of aloe are not altered in the manufacturing process, resulting in a final product 100% natural.

Canarian Aloe vera

Canarian Aloe vera

The Canary Islands meet a number of unique conditions to cultivate a high quality Aloe vera. The archipelago has become the leading European region in cultivation and production of Aloe vera.


Recyclable packaging

Recyclable packaging

We have designed our containers so that they are easy to use and you can easily get the amount of product that you would like to apply or directly consume. The materials of most containers can be recycled. Please, when you finish using the product, properly deposit containers so they can be recycled.

Airless bottle

Airless bottle

Atlantia containers have been designed specially so that the product retains all its properties.

  • Avoids air contact.
  • Preserve all Aloe properties.
  • Avoids product oxidation.
  • With doser: more comfort and saving.

Atlantia Products

Not tested on animals

No animal testing

Made with natural products

100% natural

Free of preservatives

No preservatives

Free of parabens

No parabens

Parabens are chemical compounds that are used as preservatives in multiple products. Atlantia does not use these components in any of its products.

Produced in the European Union

Produced in the EU

We have facilities at the forefront of technology. We conduct a rigorous quality control of both our processes and our raw materials, allowing us to obtain a high quality product and with full guarantees.