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Aloe vera or sabila is a plant belonging to the family of Asphodelaceae, native to northern Africa. It requires a lot of sun, warm and dry weather, as exists in the south of the Canary Islands, ideal for cultivation.

Aloe juice has been used for centuries for its extraordinary moisturizing, regenerative, nutritious and healing properties. More than 5,000 years ago it was used by the Egyptians for healing purposes.

However, we must wait until 1935 to find the first scientific study on the healing power of Aloe vera that was done by the doctors E. and C. Collins.

In 1959, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) recognized that products containing aloe vera help regeneration of the skin. This was the biggest discovery for the launch of products based on Aloe vera. As a result, since the 70's the Aloe vera industry has not stopped growing.

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